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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

chloe gets hit again, poor girl

sooo... today was a pretty good work-day, got a TON accomplished!  got all my claims prepped & vacations processed & timecard issues answered.  woot!  (btw, it's amazing how much time things can take, no matter how efficiently they're done.  especially when you stop to help ppl - lol!)  

lunch was a delicious salmon steak, spinach salad, and a terrific helping of delicious fresh fruit.  mmmm! 

i left work at 6, feelin' pretty blessed & HUNGRY for adolph's tacos & chips & their amazing, sweet salsa.  

and then i ran into a stupid cement block in the parking lot.  seriously, who decided to use short, squat, CEMENT pylons in the parking lot??  UGH.  i tried to shake it, but just ended up dragging it until i was forced to stop the car after a huge BANG! that literally shook me to my core.  : (  a lady came over to see what had happened, but her advice was already in my plan - call a man.  LOL  i don't care about the women's movement, i don't care about sexism, i don't care about ANY of that.  when it comes to car issues, i am calling my brother first.  it's not that i think women, in general, can't/shouldn't/wouldn't know what to do about car issues.  it's that i trust phil's car knowledge more than my own.  : )  

so, after she gave that advice & wished me luck, i sat in the car & called phil.  he was on his way to volleyball but did help w/ some suggestions as to what to check & whatnot.  then i called the insurance to file a claim, altho i'm not entirely sure why.  i guess so that if repairs are more than $250 they'll be covered!  while i was on the phone w/ them, no less than 12 cars drove by - not stopping to offer to help or anything, just gawking.  SERIOUSLY!  it was after 6, when normally the lot is deserted, but tonight of all nights, there's a parade!  yeesh.  

finally, a VERY nice gentleman stopped over & asked if i needed help.  he had a jack in his trunk & got the cinderblock out from under chloe.  he also looked under & saw that the transmission fluid & possibly oil was leaking, but that it was a very slow leak & i should be okay to drive home, but to make sure if the accelerator started skipping or anything to pull over right away.  

God is so good, bloggy peeps!!!  i'm so thankful for that Good Samaritan, and for the kind & helpful insurance people.  i'm so thankful that chloe was drivable, to get me home.  i'm just thankful!!!  : )  now, praying that the damage isn't too expensive... and that it won't take long to repair, that they'll have time to repair it right then.  because i was thinking i could just rent a car, but then happened to remember all the issues i had w/ Enterprise when chloe had her run-in w/ the deer.  they don't take cash, they don't take checks.  credit card (which i don't have) or money order (which, how would i get to the bank to get a money order if my car is being repaired, someone please tell me???).  *sigh*  

so, that was my excitement for the day!  got home w/o adolph's, starving!  so i fixed a delicious egg, turkey sausage & cheddar toasted english muffin.  YUUMMMY!  : )  read some dilbert & then read some bloggity blogs, while watching Walker.  woot!  did you know that gary busey guest starred on walker?  yep yep!  which then reminded me that i need to watch celebrity apprentice, but that'll wait til tomorrow.  

because i need to SLEEP!!  i hope you dears had a blessed day!  *HUGS*  


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