"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Wednesday, 20 April 2011


i don't even know if that's a real word... lol  

nearly my entire work day was taken up w/ memorials.  and i didn't even finish them!  and ppl kept asking me the oddest questions - i even got a phone call from someone in a parking lot, wanting to know if they could park there for a class, or if they'd get a ticket.  i was way confused, especially when they kept repeating that my number was on the meeting notice!  and i felt bad because i had no clue where they were even at, or what the parking guidelines were at that location.  :(  d'oh!

after work, i made my way to pick leyton up at the sitter's.  forgot that the river's flooding right now, or rather i thought that the detour would be easier to follow.  *sigh*  i hate when i get turned around in my own city!!  of course, i did get to look at some pretty brick houses, so i guess it wasn't a total fail.  : )  

we were going to hickory garden for breakfast for dinner, but then leyton decided he wanted to eat at my house, so we came here & i made scrambled eggs w/ cheese, sausage & toast.  mmmm!  i actually made my toast into a grilled cheese.  heh.  i didn't think he was really hungry, but he was!  he ate an egg & a half, a piece of sausage & a half, and two pieces of toast!  we jumped on the couch a bit before getting anthony's call... 

i didn't have a key to jen's so was waiting til anthony got home - except when he called it was to tell me he was there, and he didn't have a key!!  d'ooooh!  took leyton forever & a day to get swiped down (lint roller - anthony & jen are both allergic to cats), shoes on, coat on... lol  he just wanted to PLAY!  we picked anthony up & went to where jen was reffing for volleyball to get the key.  whew!  then anthony was hungry, so we stopped by checker's for him.  

when we got to jen's, anthony ate his dinner while leyton got all jammied up.  then we played wwf or wwe or whatever the initials were on this game, all stars.  that means we got to play w/ Hulk Hogan!  woot!  

then leyton & i played w/ his bowling game that he convinced me to let him open tonight.  heh.  and then it was time for zzzzz!  anthony was thrilled.  LOL 

jen got home around 10 & i came home to watch a really good (but sad) Glee & read a few blogs & zzzzzz myself!  tomorrow will be more memorials, then dinner w/ mom & leyton (anthony's spending the night w/ a friend) & then ... i can sleep in on friday!  woot!  

still haven't heard from bret.  still feeling hurt, ignored, whatever.  :(  still praying thru.  

hope your wednesday went well & your thursday is one to be thankful for!  



  1. Breakfast for dinner is the best. What do you think about AMC and OLTL being cancelled? Think GH will be spared?

  2. I'm totally bummed about AMC & OLTL! I think I read that GH is good thru at least 2013, and ... I really really hope this one stays!!

  3. I love getting turned around (when I'm not rushing to get somewhere) and ending up in beautiful neighborhood. I always pic which house I like the best and imagine what great thing I would have in my house. Of course I usually AM rushing to get somewhere, and cursing at traffic!

  4. Katie, we are all entirely too busy anymore! We need to stop & smell the coffee. Or imagine the furniture in beautiful houses, whichever. ; )

    Right now I'm worried about some of the beautiful houses on the roads that are closed due to flooding. Hopefully they heeded the predictions & got all their valuables out of their basements!