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Friday, 1 April 2011

FELIZ CUMPLEANOS a mi mama y mi tia carol!!!! : )

idk why i put that title in spanish.  just for kicks.  : )  today was mom & carol's birthday, and so i say HAPPY day to them!  i love them both lots & lots!!!  

and, so, also... wow, it's been a long, hectic, painful week!  thank God it's now the weekend, and also that the pain is mostly gone, and please keep me in prayer that it STAYS gone.  thank you!  :)  

today wasn't as hectic as i thought it could be, and i even managed to feel okay w/ leaving ON TIME.  : )  next week i'll be doing the late nights again, but i gave myself tonight!  

don't you hate when ppl who don't know anything about something get to make the decisions about that something?  it happens way too often, IMO.  it's illogical, and it drives me bonkers.  just thought i'd share! 

it was deli bar in the cafe today, and our trusty food service guy did an EXCELLENT job choosing stuff to bring up!  he made up a huge fruit bowl as a side.  and he said it's going to be a new regular thing twice a week.  woot!  excited!!  i love fruit, but it's so expensive, and i can't eat a lot of it now, and so buying it fresh for myself ends up being more of a waste than i'm comfortable with.  so, this is perfect, and will give me a serving of melon every week.  hooray for awesome food service peeps!  

after work, i balanced my checkbook & then went to arthur's to pick up dinner for myself and bret, and mom because she called to say she was getting off work earlier than expected.  yes, arthur's is a deli, and yes, i had deli bar for lunch.  lol  but every deli is DIFFERENT you know!  plus, i was really craving a baked potato.  YUM!  

mom picked me up right when i got home (actually, she was waiting for me at my house) to go hang out at her house w/ her & phil & leyton.  : )  bret wanted to borrow chloe to go to his friend's for the evening.  his car is almost drivable!  he & his brother found tires today, and yesterday he & mom went to the DMV & got his license plates & stuff.  hooray again!  

hanging out was lots of fun, of course!  leyton wanted to go outside to play, so we bundled up & did just that.  we brought some airplanes out.  the clouds were gorgeous tonight, btw.  

some of them were rain clouds, tho, and they opened up on us!  thankfully, they did so while we were under the shelter of the car port!  heh.  

 notice how it's still sunny here?  

 and then... 

still, when the wind kicked up, we thought it best to go inside & play w/ bubbles.  

SO MUCH FUN!  leyton's sitter gave him the awesome Thomas whistle/bubble wand.  fabulous!  

when it was time to go, i forgot to make sure mom had her key to my house.  i didn't even think about her having it on a separate key ring!!  so, we got all the way here & she didn't have her key.  d'oh!!  we had to go back to her house, get the key, and then bring me home again!  but, leyton & i had fun in the backseat playing mom's DS & pacman on my phone.  leyton also called phil from my phone to tell him we forgot the key.  lol  it was cuuuute!  

and now i am totally tired (i actually took a cat nap right when i got home at like 9:30) and going to bed!  : )  tomorrow i think we're going to the zoo, and we might go see HOP (it looks cuuute!) and then i have a tastefully simple open house to go to.  i'm not sure what else is in store for saturday, but i hope it goes well, and that yours goes well, too!!  

 postcrossing from indonesia today.... 

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