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Thursday, 31 March 2011

i wanna...

be a blog of note!  lol  i love looking up the BoN's and finding gems!  i don't think my blog is as interesting as some of them - and yet i think it's quite a bit more interesting than others.  LOL  i mean, some of the blogs that are BoN'd haven't been updated for years?  what's up w/ that?  how do they get on the "committee"'s radar?  

heh.  anyway, found a new one today, which i thought was about cheese, but it's really not.  i like the cadence & style, and she is FUNNY!  so, go check it out, eh?  : )  

today was crazy, crazy, CRAAAAZY.  2010 claims coming in at all angles, ppl rushing to get it in by the deadline.  and having to do it all alone, which was a first.  i've been doing this particular job for many years, always w/ at least one helperbee.  and even tho the claims-load has changed and reduced, my total workload has increased quite a bit.  so to be on my own has been a challenge.  BUT, God is awesome and i was able to get everything entered by 5:30.  which meant i was able to make it to dinner w/ these two: 

leyton seems like he has gotten taller since last week!!  heh.  

sorry for the blur... i think photographer leyton got something on the lens!

i had a delicious meal of crab cakes & cinnamon apples, w/ a DELICIOUS spinach salad to start.  YUM!  : )    and it's mom's (and her very own twinkie's) birthday tomorrow, so i bought dinner.  : )  i had $10 off, too, because i'd been given gift certs when i bought the boss's gift cert for christmas!  woot!  

when i got home, i watched White Collar (*hearts*) and chatted w/ april (*hugs*) and had some awesome mail!  seriously, this girl spoils me, she does!  

seriously, so sweet to send me some yanni love!!  *HUGS*  thank you so much, micaela!!!  : )  

i also got a beautiful postcrossing from finland: 

and a card for free oil changes for a year from saturn!  sweeeet!  blessings, blessings!

i picked up bret from the mall at 9, and we had a good chat on the ride home.  

the pain is still hanging out, but it's 100% better at this very moment.  please keep praying, i can feel them and i appreciate them and i know the Lord can and will heal me.  !!!  

*hugs*  and now i must go to sleep, and be prepared for tomorrow - when everyone who didn't get their claims in yesterday emails/calls to see if we received them... oooh!  

what'd you get up to today?  i hope the Lord blessed you!  


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