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Saturday, 31 March 2012

i forget

i had a title, it was really clever, and there was a whole post associated about ... something... but i have completely forgotten the whole thing.  hopefully i'll remember later... 

for now - today has been really nice!  up on time, starbucks green tea frap (no whip), work ... wow ppl are really, really... i just don't understand them!  i'd forgotten the feeling i get when i have to deal w/ claims sent in at the last minute that have something wrong with them.  it's like - i don't WANT anyone to lose any money, but at the same time - the rules are RIGHT ON THE FORM!  when you send in a form that says "only a & b are reimbursable," and you send in multiple claims for x, y or z... i just don't get it.  it's your first year?  READ THE FORM.  it's your 5th year?  you should KNOW THE RULES.  especially if you are waiting until the very last day to send in your claim!  i can't do anything to help you when you do things like that.  altho i do try.  i send urgent emails, i try to find a home email (because it's saturday & who checks work email on saturdays, generally?), i call home numbers... all to let you know you have mere hours to correct this & submit a claim that will follow the rules so you can get your money back.  

and it's a little stressful, worrying about these ppl losing their money!  *laugh*  

but i made it thru the day.  it wasn't as crazy as it could have been, and altho i'm sure monday will bring a whole new set of stresses, i can handle it.  i'm an expert!  ; )  (well, i am, but that sounded like i was bragging or something, which i didn't mean!)  oh, AND because the last two hours weren't as crazy, i was able to get thru all my backlog of 2012 claims, so i don't have that hanging over my head for payroll cutoff on tuesday.  WOOT!  

after work, i headed to WM for groceries.  i love shopping for groceries!  oh, but first, i stopped at family video to get some movies!  My Future Boyfriend (cuuute abc family movie starring barry watson & sarah rue.  so happy they put that out on DVD!!), Monte Carlo (nother super cute movie that is one of my favorites!  mom & i saw it at the cheap theatre back in the day - i believe it was a double feature w/ judy moody & we walked out of that; that one was horrible!!)...and a couple other cute rom-coms that i'd never heard of, but colin firth is in one.  : )  and also season of the witch because i like nick cage.  

they were having a raffle, car wash & bake sale to raise money for the national lymphoma society.  i bought a raffle ticket (a year of free rentals?  that would be awesome!) & then as i was leaving thought i would see what the bake sale was about.  i interrupted the adorable guy at the table who was eating a cupcake.  i donated some money & got a free hot dog.  well, really i paid an outrageous sum for a hot dog - but the hot dogs were free and i chose to donate, so ... ya know?!  and i may have chosen to donate more because he was cute and friendly and tripped over the step getting my hot dog and i interrupted him eating his cupcake lunch... *laugh*  

in a bit i'm heading over to mom's to hang out w/ her & phil & leyton.  her birthday is tomorrow.  she & auntie carol.  : )  they had their birthday brunch & canasta tourney w/ grammy & aunt jan & aunt janie today.  i wonder who won...?  

how was your day?


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