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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

game night

after work today i went over to mom's.  leyton was having a full blown FIT when i walked in, because altho he'd chosen to go to steak & shake, he had decided he didn't want to, he wanted to stay at gramma's.  gramma seemed at the end of her rope (not sure how long he'd been caterwalling before i got there)!  LOL  i wasn't really too keen on going to steak & shake, so when mom said, "well, if aunt carrie wants to stay here w/ you, then ..." and i was like, "sure!"  he continued to carry on for a bit more, and then crawled in the chair & was okay.  

then phil came out (he'd been awakened by the cacophony!) & i offered for him to have a munchkin that i'd brought in.  (uh, the donut hole from dunkin donuts, not like one of those characters from wizard of oz.  in case there was any confusion as to why i was bringing home little fairy tale creatures, let alone offering them to my brother...)  and leyton wanted one, but gramma had JUST said he wasn't allowed any more sweets until he ate his dinner.  the tantrum came back.  phil retreated (thanks, brother!  phhtt) & i had to talk him down again.  altho, really, i didn't talk him down.  LOL  i got up & opened the fridge & said, "hey, which lunchable is yours?  do you want to play a game after you eat?" and he came over & got it out & decided he was hungry enough to eat that instead of a donut hole.  and he said, "why don't we play Uno while i eat?" in his cute little leyton voice & i said okay.  : )  

so we did.  phil came back out & we all played a few games of Uno, Sorry, and Dominoes.  : )  it was quite a lot of fun & i was SO HAPPY that phil was up & hung out w/ us!  : )  : ) : )   mom brought phil & i culver's & i shared w/ leyton because he was still hungry.  growth spurt, anyone?  heh!  

we watched wheel of fortune & survivor also while we played.  (my friend bethany is gonna be ON wheel - how neat is that?!)  phil brought leyton home after survivor, and i stayed & watched design therapy or something like that.  it was good!  mom & i had a good discussion about our theory as to why leyton was having his melt down.  

i'm so grateful for that little dude.  even when he's being whiny & throwing fits, i'm grateful for the opportunity to teach him better ways to react, the right way to communicate when you're unhappy about something, good sportsmanship when playing games - and that you don't always have to win, that you should enjoy PLAYING the game even if you don't win every time.  he has a hard time w/ that concept, i think because so much importance is placed on WINNING in our society.  and at home.  lol  i think he parrots anthony's bad habits sometimes.  so i try to tell anthony to make sure & be a better role model.  oh, and i was sad that i didn't get to see him tonight!!  *pout*  

anyway, i am grateful for today and tonight, and praying that tomorrow is productive & blessed as well.  i think the plan is still to go to trish's after work, but i know starting next week she & al will be CAMPING ... *sniffle*  ah well... happy for them anyway & will pray for nice weather.  cuz i'm nice like that.  ; )  

i think that's all for now - i'm off to bed soon!  ttfn!  

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