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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

the floating rib

confession - if you didn't see it on fb - i love boy bands.  : ) 

one direction is my newest discovery.
take that
backstreet boys
boys II men
98 degrees
the monkees
big time rush

i love made-for-tv - movies, bands, whatevs.  high school musical, glee, miley cyrus, hannah montanna - any disney or nickelodeon star/band, i have probably enjoyed at one time or another.  

watched what i think is unfortunately the last episode of Endgame.  *sigh*  i wanna know what happened!!  stupid cancelled shows.  boo!  also got to catch up a little w/ GH tonight - saw the one group of scenes i DID NOT want to miss - john & sam meeting.  you see, many moons ago, they were on a soap called Port Charles.  john was a vampire named caleb, and sam was his obsession, the love of his life, livvie.  LOVE!  so, of course, having them in port charles together again, making cracks about how they seem so familiar, and stakes to the heart and don't be afraid of the dark... it was perfection!  : )  

now, tho, i am going to take a break from GH & watch celebrity apprentice & then hit the hay.  i am sleepy!  today was quite hectic & exhausting!  


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