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Thursday, 29 March 2012

aaron jackson

watching california dreams & aaron plays mark winkle.  i wondered if he can really sing/play piano, and he can!  : )  

i had a lot of 2011 claim stuff going on today.  not the claims themselves - i think i only processed like 30 or something.  but the back & forth w/ ppl to get the claims right, to get their accounts fully reimbursed and to make sure they had acceptable receipts for my audit.  and then there were some time card issues, as well, that were rather time consuming.  i got to talk to some really interesting ppl about stuff, tho!  i was planning on leaving at 5, but then one of our specialists came up just as i was clearing off my desk & asked me to send out an email.  heh.  so i stayed a bit later & then headed to trish's.

marinated chicken on the grill, hash browns & a great snap pea stir fry!  mmm!  i love hanging out w/ trish & al.  : )  we watched fabulous episodes of missing, secret circle & awake.  good times!!  : )  trish also told me about these coffee bags, like tea bags but w/ coffee.  the cup i had was goooooood!  oh, and she had some romance novels for me from cleaning out some bins.  woot!  

goodness, i have to go to bed!  tomorrow's busy again, of course.  looking forward to after work - erin & i are going to see hunger games.  yay!!  i'm excited about the movie, but even more so... POPCORN.  


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