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Friday, 2 March 2012

friday fun

: ) 
loving my phone.
still getting the hang of the touch screen, but it's mostly good.

work was quite fun today!  
had a meeting first thing, and it was really interesting!
the rest of the day FLEW BY, i was so busy!  
PTL!!  :) 

there was an interesting snow storm from like 12:30 til 4.  BIIIIG wet flakes, which were so awesome - because it was all melted or slushy from the roads by the time i got off work.  thank You, Jesus!  when we went out for break, my wall-mate & i looked like snowppl!  

i'd been hoping to meet nicki for some sushi for dinner, but we had to snow-check.  so i just went to starbucks & exotic thai.  pineapple fried rice.  YUM!  then i went to family video & picked up a few movies - bride wars, confessions of a shopaholic, opa!, and a tim allen comedy - crazy on the outside.  : )  

erin's coming over to watch confessions of a shopaholic soon.  woot!  meanwhile, i ate my dinner & watched Battleground - one of my new fave shows for sure! thank you, hulu! - and yesterday's GH.  woot!

how'd your friday go?  i hope you had a BLESSED one!  : ) 


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