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Monday, 19 March 2012


i wasn't gonna watch it, til i knew if it was going to stick around.  i've said that about so many shows this season, but time & again i get sucked in - Awake, Missing, Rob!, The Finder... and now Touch.  they are all SO GOOD and i want them to stay around so i can continue to watch them!  tonight i watched the finder - really great episode as they all are - & then right after touch started.  the first episode is worth watching, as a stand alone, even if there are no more episodes.  now i'm catching up on GH.  really enjoying the todd/sonny face off, and the  carly/blair bonding!!  : )  

payroll cutoff started off fairly quietly today.  of course, by the end of the day timecard issues were coming in fast & furious, among other issues that cropped up.  *laugh*  mondays are always funny especially payroll cut off mondays!  heh.  tomorrow i'll start putting together a presentation for leadership on various parts of my job.  i'm looking forward to digging into everything & trying to put it together for fresh eyes!  

of course, part of the challenge of having fresh eyes take a look at the things i do (very well) every day is that ppl tend to want to look for "efficiencies" and change things.  sometimes change is a good thing, sometimes not so much.  mostly, i don't care.  i mean, if you want to change things, as long as i have a job i love, i'm good.  i will fight for things i think are necessary, tho.  i will make a case for customer service every time.  because it is my firm opinion that the best companies ARE the best companies because they have the best customer service.  and, being in HR, our customers are our employees.  it's hard for me to understand how ppl can not get that philosophy.  but, there ya go.  logic.  *laugh*

 anywhoo!!  my mind is too distracted today to write anything worthwhile.  *laugh*  plus, it's bedtime!  will have to watch more GH tomorrow.


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