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Thursday, 15 March 2012

fairy tales

so happy tomorrow is friday!!  : )  today was a good one, quite fast paced & lots accomplished.  woot!  and i got to meet some new HR reps, which was fun.  it's funny, because i'd just seen one of our HR division managers or something along those lines, and thought how cool it was that he knows who i am because of my work.  a little like when my favorite authors are also my friends.  : )  anyway, when the reps came around to my desk to be introduced, some of them got all excited when they saw my name, because they knew me from working w/ me.  and i felt like maybe they were as excited to meet me & put a face to my name as i was.  does that make sense?  

the weather today was GORGEOUS!  so much so that when i came home to change for trish's, i put on SHORTS.  *laugh*  woot woot!  

secret taco night was a blast, too.  : )  trish uses ground turkey, and has multigrain tortillas which were yummy!  our cbs shows weren't on because of march madness, so we watched Missing - really good!  then it was THE SHOW, Secret Circle (ooooh!) and Awake, all excellent episodes.  : )  

mom texted that leyton's spending the night w/ her tomorrow, too, so she won't be able to go to bay's bridal shower.  i have to remember to call aunt jan tomorrow about going together, too.  

now i'm gonna watch some Castle (yay!) and then off to beddy bye i go!  how was your day??  


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