"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Monday, 26 March 2012

surf dude, with attitude...

anyone but me know what that line's from?  LOL  i'm watching my DVD of random episodes & looking up TNBC shows on wikipedia.  i'm sad that i can't find much information on a lot of the actors from these shows.  it's always frown-inducing when the interwebs fail me... LOL  kidding!!!  oh!  i did get to watch an episode of OUAT but then my computer said NO MORE and so i'll try again tomorrow... i keep falling further behind!  grrrr.  i did get to chat w/ april for a bit, tho.  yay!  i switched us to google chat when i got my new phone because that way if (when) my computer goes all wonky while we're chatting, it doesn't have to completely screw up our conversation!  LOL  i can just switch to my phone while the computer reboots.  : )  

today was more insane that usual.  over 300 emails - i about fell over!!  thankfully, 200 of those were acknowledgement warnings from time card tickets.  *laugh*  two tickets generated 200 warnings that i hadn't done anything w/ them yet.  seriously?!  someone needs to dial it back a notch, bro!  anyway, i also had 2 meetings scheduled, but one of them was rescheduled for tomorrow.  so that was helpful.  the other meeting was off-site, ack!  but it was a REALLY good meeting, so i didn't mind.  heh.  i'll be working late all week anyway, and on saturday, since that's the 2011 deadline for claims.  gonna be a buuuusssyyyy week!  

and i was pretty tired today from the fun weekend!  *laugh*  and i pretty much told you about it in caption format w/ the pictures yesterday!  *laugh*  leyton did have one melt down, but otherwise i was so proud of him on this trip!!  he even took a bath w/o any trouble & did really great w/ the hair washing!  : )  he said his favorite part was hanging out w/ "the boys."  heh.  sarah & i are planning to go to omaha in july after joy has her baby, so maybe leyton will come w/ me.  : )  

see, as exhausted as i am, i can't wait for the next road trip!!  LOL 


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