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Saturday, 3 March 2012

words. with friends!

until a short while ago, i had no idea a game called words with friends existed.  then it became all the rage.  i love scrabble, and this looked really fun!  alas, i could not participate in the joyous wonderment of scrabble w/ friends across the interwebs because my computer wouldn't support it.  but, much as my beloved bejeweled, i now have a way to play!  hooray!  my dear brother set up my phone tonight & started a game w/ me & now i'm playing w/ him & three others.  woot!  they are ALL kicking my butt; i'm okay w/ it as i'm just "learning."  LOL  

it was nice to hang out w/ phil for that little while, laughing over phineas & ferb & how we both like that show & that it reminds us of kim possible (smart dialogue, FUNNY, good humor not nasty humor, age appropriate for actual kids, unlike some kid shows or even cartoons!).  leyton was ON FIRE tonight w/ quips & stuff, making all three of us laugh so hard several times!  

mom picked me up around 3:30 & we went to WM, each taking a cart & splitting up to do our shopping.  : ) i like it - we're doing it together but not "together" ya know?  so, i got lots of stuff like yogurt & fruit & finally picked up some milk (omh, i love milk, love love love!) & my Oh's cereal.  had missed it so much!!!  heh.  i also picked up a cuuuuute purse for $8, which has sparkly hearts all over it.  (sidenote: angel just went tearing thru the livingroom w/ my new purse around her neck.  she'd stuck her head in the handle & couldn't get it back off, so she was dragging it w/ her everywhere!  LOLOL  SO hilarious!  i wish i would've taken a picture, but i just wanted to get it off her neck before she choked or broke the purse!)  i think i'll make the switch for the manilow concert.  woot!  oh, also at WM i saw my friend anna & got to catch up w/ her for a bit, which is always nice!  

what else?  oh, before mom picked me up - i slept til noon, btw, and it was nice! - i watched Crazy on the Outside, my tim allen movie.  it was ... well, i enjoyed it, but it was a bit odd.  then i started to watch bride wars, but it's skipping too badly to watch.  :(  so i'll see if FV has another copy, or they'll give me my $1 back for it tomorrow.  

i went over to mom's to hang out w/ her & phil & leyton about 6:30.  phil picked up pizza & breadsticks, yum!  we played picteureka or however you spell it, and then phil helped put together the zhu zhu thing mom got at WM.

leyton had a lot of fun w/ that thing!!  : )  actually, we all did, and i noticed one of the little critters makes a noise that sounds like perry the platypus!  *laugh*  too cute!  : )  

leyton & i also had fun boxing.  and watching cupcake wars.  heh.  i left around 10 & was happy that it was a really great day & i was fortunate to be able to hang out w/ my family!  love them!  

i hope your saturday was awesome, too!  : )  what'd you get up to??  


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