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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

world of fun!

had a meeting today, which went well, but at the end a comment was made that really made me sad.  it's not important what it was about, only that the feeling it left me with is that the little things don't matter, when clearly it's the little things that DO.  i find it distressing when ppl or companies or places that i admire seem to fall into the trap of thinking the little things take away from efficiency instead of bolster it.  taking two seconds out of your day to acknowledge someone is important.  taking five minutes out of your day to help someone is important.  sure, in those five minutes you could have been doing something else.  but is that something else more important than the value you just added to someone's life/job?  NO.  because, in the end, it's the little things that make our company, ANY company, profitable.  hotels know this - why do you think they leave convenience items in your room, or have them available at the front desk?  because they know that something as simple as having a toothbrush and toothpaste on hand for when you've forgotten to pack it can make your day, and your stay, better.  

anyway.  that probably makes no sense w/o context, but i needed to get it out.

the rest of the post is about fun, i promise!  ; )  

after work, i went over to walgreen's & found birthday cake oreos.  really??  interesting... 

then i headed to CFA to meet mom & leyton.  there was no cow tonight (bummer!)  but we managed to have fun anyway.

i came home to turn on the air (yes, the air.  it's HOT this week & my house is stuffy!) & change into pre-jammies.  : )  then i headed to mom's to hang out & watch SURVIVOR!  super interesting ep tonight, peeps! that colton, he has some major gay-dude mojo!  i don't know that i would say i LIKE him, but i certainly admire his ability to manipulate everyone!  and the funniest thing, i thought, was that his observation of the way the teams were RANDOMLY split was SPOT ON.  i mean, really!  if you watch, what did you think??

leyton played w/ his wild west set up & his train set while mom & i were engrossed in the show.  

then, at 8, mom was flipping thru channels, discovering all the PBS stations (she has like 4 now?  one of which was not in english), and leyton wanted to see what was on 41 (disney).  he fought mom for the remote... 

and was eventually victorious... LOL  

he decided he didn't care about the movie on 41 (interesting, since it was a wild west movie (starring gus from psych! aka dule hill) and he was just playing cowboys! heh), so flipped to CMT which was playing a dennis quaid baseball movie.  LOVE IT!!!  dennis quaid makes me happy - is he even canadian?  LOL  (google says nope, american!)  anyway, while we watched that, leyton climbed on my lap & snuggled w/ me for a good 45 minutes, playing words w/ friends & then convincing me to download angry birds.  *laugh*  then he snuggled & played that.  i do so love snuggle time!  : )  : )  : )  

also, i finally booked the room for mason city.  yay!  and leyton is super excited about going on a trip, too!  woot woot!

when i got home, i watched last week's Awake (like it a lot!) and tried to catch up w/ alcatraz, but no go.  so i'll add that to the list... heh.  because now... now it is time for SLEEPY TOWN, U.S.A!  tomorrow shall be busy w/ claims & photos (holy bats, they're coming out of the woodwork!) & then, & then... well, we all know what thursdays are.  *laugh*  (hi trish!)  friday night is my cousin baylee's bridal shower.  girl is getting married 20 days before she turns 21.  and i know her wedding is going to be magical, because from the sound of it, it is so HER.  idk her bridegroom, altho we are fb friends LOL, but i'm sure it's totally him as well.  *laugh**swoon*  then saturday is hopefully the ZOO, finally.  i've missed the animals!  


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