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Saturday, 17 March 2012

we *heart* the zoo!

leyton & mom picked me up around 10:30 & we headed to the place where the train lives.  on the way, we played words & angry birds, of course, and mom missed the exit, so we took a little side trip.  *laugh*  

when we got there, the ppl in line in front of us said they were members, but didn't have their card & the lady at the window couldn't find them in the system.  they were a couple about my age, or somewhere btwn my age & mom's, and mom wondered if they were conning their way in.  *laugh*  just a little intrigue on our way into the park!  *laugh*  

first order of business was whatever they call the building right when you get there.  *laugh*  there's a gecko and some poison dart frogs, and a change donation thing outside.  oh and the waterfall.  : ) 

 "hey, it's got three horns like a triceritops!" says leyton.  
: ) 

then, the real reason we are there, THE TRAIN!

after that, we walked around to the elephants & dinosaurs, fed the ducks & fish, rode the carousel, saw the work they're doing on the bear enclosure, said hi to the bald eagle, drank lots of water, tried to see the wallabies but they were hiding, and bypassed the petting zoo.  i was sad about that last part, but also okay, because by the time we got to the petting zoo area, i was hungry, tired, and a little cranky.  or was that leyton...?  *laugh*  

 "Look!  The triceritops!" 

Learning about herbivores, omnivores, carnivores, piscevores... 

we went to happy joe's/rudy's for lunch, and it was good but not great.  i think i might be a chips & salsa snob now?  it's possible.  i think their salsa was pace - not bad, but out of a jar, which is not what i want when i go to a restaurant!  ya know?  anyway, leyton played w/ his new swamp ppl toy & it was fun!

until we had a fight because he thought i called him selfish (i didn't, i said i want him to grow up to be polite & unselfish) and no amount of explaining would he listen to at that point.  then the poor kid fell while trying to open the door to the van, and he was just having a bad time of it!  finally, about 1/2 way home, i asked if he was ready to listen & explained what i had meant & said i was really sad that he didn't want to go to mason city w/ me because he and i had both been looking forward to it previously.  then he said he wanted to go w/ me, and then we spent the rest of the ride home talking about all the ppl we were going to hang out with!  he was in a good mood & ready for a rest (not a nap) when he got to gramma's!

whew.  i was ready for a rest, too!  : )  am trying to watch white collar, but having a hard time w/ it.  but i will try, try again!  idk if i'm going over to mom's tonight or not.  we'll see!  

all in all, a very fun day!  oh, and also, leyton spotted a whopping NINE planes while we were at the zoo!  

how'd your saturday go??



  1. That looks likes a fun zoo trip. We went to a Children's museum today which was also fun.

    1. oh, the children's museums are amazing!!! : )