"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Monday, 5 March 2012


or, divya, divia, however you want to spell it.  i think it's a pretty name.  (royal pains)

good monday.  fun panel discussion this morning, w/ the big kahuna on the panel!  that was really neat!  after the meeting i was starving, so i stopped at starbucks - yum!  i did get a lot accomplished for not getting into the office til 10, but not everything i wanted to.  i still shut down at 5:30 - tomorrow is cutoff, and i'm in a pretty good place for it.  i shouldn't have to work OT tomorrow unless more crazy timecard stuff happens!  heh.  was supposed to meet becca for dinner, but she had a paper due that she hadn't finished, so we rain checked again.

i got to chat w/ april tonight (yay!) and erin & trish (yay yay!) and play some words and watch Endgame & The Finder.  then some reading before bed.  : )  

i know, not as exciting as yesterday by any means, but it was a good day.

other than mom dropping her phone in the loo!  ... d'oh!


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