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Friday, 30 March 2012

hunger games

today i felt a little insane.  i processed claims.  and claims.  and more claims.  i remembered why i am happy w/ a job that allows me to multitask!  *laugh*  my most amusing claims are those that wait til the last minute to submit & then submit for things that aren't covered.  these are also my saddest.  i feel bad for them, that they might not have time to get qualified claims to me in time to get their money back.  but at the same time, i think - well, they obviously know when the deadline is but not what's covered, so it's their own fault!  

ya know?  

after work i picked erin up & we went to arthur's for dinner (turkey bacon cheddar sammich, YUM!) & then to see hunger games.  now, you know i was kinda conflicted about the series.  i still don't know if i want to read the books again, but as time has gone on & i think of various scenes at random times, i think i probably WILL pick them up & read them again... and i really enjoyed the movie.  i think they did an EXCELLENT job of translating the book to the screen.  erin liked it, too, and she has not read the books.  

also, i've always had a word-crush on peeta, but the guy who plays him made it even worse!  LOL  he is definitely on my "going against type & enjoying younger men" list.  : )  oh, ALSO also, i got to see my first preview for the last Twilight movie.  SO EXCITED!  and it reminded me that trish & i need to watch the last one still (again)... : )  

what else?  am going in tomorrow at 8, which means i have to get up by 6:45 (cuz i'm gonna want to stop for coffee), so i should get to bed.  tried to watch battleground, but the computer is still in :p~~~ mode, so i finished off my dvd of california dreams instead.

i hope your friday was great & that you have a blessed weekend!  : )  ttfn!!

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