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Sunday, 25 March 2012

road trippin' (picture heavy edition!)

i'm too tired to write a proper post about this weekend, so i'm just going to share a couple bunch of photos & then i'll tell you about it tomorrow.  : )  

 We arrived in MC around 4, and immediately worked off our car energy by jumping on the beds.
leyton did - i don't jump on beds!!  

 Debi, Adam & Jacob arrived about 15 minutes after us, i think.  
Adam & Leyton jumped jumped jumped while Debi got the room unpacked.

Jacob wasn't keen on jumping on the beds yet. 

 Everyone was keen to get some swimming in after the road trips.

Then we met Sarah, Chase & Stephen at Applebee's across the street for dinner.
The girls were slightly outnumbered all weekend!

 "Cousins"  I adore this picture.  

 I LOVE the expressions in this one.  
Adam & Jacob look like rock stars.  

 Together again.  Man, I miss these girls & all my nieces & nephews!!!
So glad we were able to get together!!
Sarah (Bug), Joy(ums), Debi (Bob) & me (Boo)

 haha!!  The expression on Joy's face makes me laugh every time i look at this picture!!

 William turned 5 in December.
Leyton will be 5 in April.
heehee (doesn't leyton look thrilled?  he was tired of pictures right at that moment!!)

Leyton bowled an 85.  I think I beat him by 10 pts or something.

 This is Joy's Bobby.  He is an awesome dude & we love him.
He's also a hoot!  : ) 


 Ariyana was lovin on Aunt Sarah!  

 William showed off his mad dance skills!  

 Jacob doesn't look too sure about his blue drink, but Stephen's enjoying his green one.  

 Sadly, the train you can climb aboard doesn't open til May.
Come on, ppl, it was a GORGEOUS weekend!

 LOVE IT any time i can get pics of all the kids together.
this one's missing Chase, tho, as he was napping.

 Stephen is 8, Jacob is 7.
Leyton, again, will be 5 in April.
Oh, and they were feeding deer thru a fence.
But none of the deer were really hungry, so they stayed away from the fence.

we were all hungry, however, and went back to Sarah's for 
TACOS!  (after debi & i went to hy vee to procure the fixins!)

we had a BLAST, but he was quite happy to see gramma!
and daddy & mommy, i just don't have pictures of those reunions!!  

hope your weekend was TERRIFIC, too!  ttfn!  : ) 

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