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Sunday, 1 April 2012


any time i get to hang out w/ mom & leyton, it's excellent, ya know?  : )  yesterday we had some fun outside & also hunting Easter eggs.  leyton wanted to play in the sandbox - he came running out to greet me at the car when i arrived, and asked if i would come outside to play w/ him when i was done eating.  i said sure!  (i'd stopped at culver's for dinner - holy cow they are EXPENSIVE now!  yeesh!)  

anyway, after i ate, i went out & we played in the sandbox for a bit, before discovering a much more fun past time - tossing the diver frog off the porch into the sand box... *grin*  

yeah, he was having fun & i was having fun watching him have fun!!  : )  

THEN, gramma hid some plastic eggs throughout the house for leyton to find.  it's a good thing she switched to plastic many years ago, because she told him he had 15 eggs to find, and she actually hid at least 17 because that's how many he found!  LOL  and one of those was TODAY (in the candy dish)!!  

today i went over there around 2:30, and we were supposed to go see Mirror, Mirror.  unfortunately, leyton decided he didn't want to go to the movies anymore, and i decided it wasn't worth the fight to make him go when he didn't want to.  i mean, if it was something we HAD to do, of course he would just have to suck it up & go.  but movies are supposed to be fun, and i didn't want him to feel forced to go.  so, we stayed in & played some games & watched There Goes A Plane! like 4 times.  *laugh*  then we went to dinner at las margaritas.  i really do love their chips & cheese dip!  they were having a party, tho & were pretty swamped.  it was fun, despite the rude party goers, and delicious!

after dinner, we picked anthony up from his friend's house & brought him home.  he was being a little stinker & wouldn't answer questions or if he did answer he had such a bad attitude... we finally quit talking to him.  ugh, teenage boys can be pains!  he does have a lot of stuff going on right now, and i feel badly for him, but at the same time - ugh, teenage boys!!  my other nephews better never be that rude.  :|

mom, leyton & i went back to her house & played Sorry! for a bit & i made some coffee (yum) and then i came home about 9.  finished my movie - oh, movie observations from the weekend.  steve guttenberg's A Novel Romance would be good - except for the EXCESSIVE use of the F word.  there are some movies where excessive use of this word are understandable.  this was not one of those movies.  this movie did not need that word to establish character or anything.  it just really bothered me.  anyway, i also watched Season of the Witch - meh.  nick cage did great, and i liked the twist at the end, but otherwise the movie was kinda like ... The Mailman - good premise, good acting, just not very well executed.  and then we have the movie i picked up because colin firth is in it - Main Street.  hmmm.  first of all, colin played a man from texas.  TEXAS!  his accent wasn't bad, but i wanted it to be british.  *laugh*  the movie just kinda meandered & it all took place in like a week's time period, and nothing really ... happened.  idk.  i did like it - amber tamblyn is in it, too, and andrew mccarthy plays a sleezy lawyer, so that was fun.  oh!  and tom wopat is in it briefly.  : )  

i hope you had a really great weekend!  i must get to beddy bye.  tomorrow has the potential to be a bear!  


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