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Saturday, 10 March 2012

spring forward into bedtime

yeah, i'm ready to zzzzzzzzzonk out!

today was fun, tho.  : )  i read & watched GH til leyton & mom picked me up about 11:30.  we went to see the lorax.  (quick review - very awesome artwork and voice work.  not sure that i liked the "glee" musicality of it, and it felt overly preachy.  it also, IMO, didn't utilize danny devito's voice talents as much as it could have.  but, leyton liked it for the most part, and i REALLY enjoyed the fish.  they reminded me of the minions from despicable me!  : ) ) 

our discussion on the way to the theatre was about animals.  leyton would ask, "what's a (insert animal here)?"  and i would respond w/ things like, "an elephant is a mammal.  a dolphin is a mammal.  a shark is a fish.  an alligator is a reptile.  a lion is a cat, and a mammal."  the lion is a cat thing gave him pause.  he said, "no it's not!  is it?"  heeehee.  then we went down the line of big cats (lions, tigers, mountain lions, cheetahs, panthers..."   *grin*  we also played some words w/ friends & he did very well w/ sounding things out & spelling some things on his own!  i was impressed!  

after the movie, we went to the library & looked at books for a bit & checked a couple out.  leyton got a book on karate & a book on trains & a couple Cars books.  the karate & train books are really neat!!  and there was an eye-spy kinda thing in the lobby.  it was a model of a cabin in the woods under a glass box & leyton & i had fun for a few minutes trying to find everything!  : )  

next stop was las margaritas for lunch.  leyton pretty much had our waiter engaged in conversation about basketball from the beginning.  AND he ordered cheese dip first off when he ordered his water (with lemon), AND he was very polite about it.  : )  

after lunch, we stopped in to WM.  i needed a couple things & mom needed a couple things & DAG NABBIT!  i STILL forgot to get the postcards i need!  a postcrosser asked me to do a direct swap & send a card from iowa w/ our state bird on it, and i keep forgetting to pick one up!  :(  i'll have to stop by there tomorrow after lunch, i think!  

then they dropped me at home, where i finished GH & my book, watched some GRIMM & then headed over to mom's to play w/ leyton for a couple more hours.  and watch Sweet Genius on food network.  i really like that guy!!  : )  

what did  y'all get up to today??  do share!


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