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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

remember going steady?

am watching blossom tonight, and oh my heck, flashback central!  

i still like her style.  ribbon in her hair, vests, skirts, funky hats, brooches... beautiful!  the storylines, i'd apparently forgotten, are kinda risque!  i mean, this was one of my FAVORITE, weekly shows when i was little.  well, 13 or 14 - 18, so i guess not SO little.  but it was about puberty and sex and first periods, growing up.  and it was done really well!  i wish shows today were like that.  i mean, there are some!  but ... idk, is it nostalgia making me think like that?  i like how she handles things, how her dad handles things - at least so far, they're very open (other than the lying about a make-out party, but afterward, she brings up some very good, logical points, and her dad listens, which is good).  


someone i don't know just liked my pin of dad in his royal ranger sweater & santa hat on pinterest.  : )  that was cool.  and also a bit strange... 

had some interesting phone calls about memorials, which is what i was working on almost all day.  creating new processes is hard work!!  *laugh*  : )  

mom wasn't feeling well today, so leyton went home early & we didn't go out to dinner.  i picked up subway & went to her house to watch survivor.  GOOD ep!!  

tomorrow i'm taking chloe in for an oil change & then going to the dentist.  i'm supposed to get two cavities filled, which interestingly doesn't bother me, but also have some sort of super cleaning, which does.  weird, huh?  hoping it'll all be alright, tho, and planning to be at work by 11-ish.  then it's SECRET TRISH night (LOL) and then it's the weekend!  woot!  

i hope your day went well & have a fabulous tomorrow!


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