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Friday, 16 March 2012

happy things to end the night with

a play on micaela's theme. : )  

baylee's shower was amazing!  i loved seeing all my B's & meeting nathan, boo's honey (altho i THINK i may have met him briefly once before) & bay's honey & everything.  it's always hard, tho, w/ so many ppl, i don't feel like i get to really TALK to everyone.  it makes me want to be able to sit down w/ each of them for hours on end to just chat.  i hate it that i can't just DO that, ya know?  i did get to chat w/ our friends anna & randi & anna's little girl, madison.  she & leyton have the same sitter, which is just one of those "it's a small world" things.  heh.  bay made these AWESOME centerpieces that i didn't get pictures of, but will be sure to at the wedding.  

speaking of pictures... i tried to get some of the gift opening, but my camera has taken one too many hits to the head or something... i did manage to get a few nice pictures.  : )  i'm sad i didn't get any of the boys before they left to go bowling (also?  jealous that they got to go bowling!!) 

 My professional Brandee 

 Grammy - 97 years young.  she is a ball of awesomeness.  : ) 

 bran, boo & bay, three of my favorite gals!  
 anna & randi, two more favorite ppl!  : ) 

dawn gave me a beautiful silver ring w/ an emerald & diamonds (well, cz, i'm sure) just randomly because she saw it & thought i would like it.  I DO!  it's beautiful!  i wish i could get a picture to turn out, but so far no luck.  will try tomorrow in the sunlight.  :D  i was so surprised, my heart so warmed!!  : )  

aunt jan & i left about 9, and as we were leaving mom was coming back w/ leyton, so i got to see him for a couple minutes, too!  can we say BLESSED?  : )  oh yeah!  one downer to the evening was - aunt jan said she wanted to go w/ me & mom to the wedding, and have like a girls' weekend & whatnot.  well, when mom heard that, she said she wasn't going (because the only reason she's going is so i have someone to go w/, so if jan's going then she doesn't have to - not that she doesn't want to go to the wedding, but it's on a friday afternoon out of town & she'll have to take off work...).  i think this hurt jan's feelings, that she took it personally, which i hope she didn't really.  but mom doesn't THINK about things, about how things will make other ppl feel, she just does them sometimes.  she has gotten better about it w/ me at least because i am quite vocal about when she hurts my feelings & try to tell her why/how.  (like tuesday when she was really short w/ me & hurt my feelings & then took me to dinner to make up for that.)

so, she's gotten better, but thinking about how her actions/words might make others feel still isn't her first (or second) instinct in certain cases, this being one of them.  jan even offered to PAY for the hotel & everything, and mom was stuck on her "no, i'm not going now" thing.  seriously?  i was a little ticked about that.  i mean, your sister is saying she wants to spend time w/ you & will PAY for the hotel room, and you are declining because...?  and how does that make dawn feel, or baylee, that things for the trip won't work out exactly how you'd planned, so you're not going at all?  and then jan decided she wasn't going to go so mom would go.  because she thought it would be fun to go all together & have the girls' weekend & everything, but then if mom wasn't going, i guess that plan was shot?  i'm not entirely clear there, but then NO ONE was going w/ me & MY feelings were hurt & i was like WTH?!  then it turned out that mom will go w/ me since jan isn't going to go.  

seriously, unnecessary family drama llama!!  it's not like there was a fight or something, ya know?  


anywhoo!  i'm gonna watch psych & hit the hay.  supposed to be waaaarm again tomorrow, and it's zoo day!!  : )  


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