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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

can't it be friday already??

i know it's wednesday tomorrow, which means the week is 1/2 over, but ... it just seems like it's DRAGGING!  probably because i am UBER EXCITED about my road trip next weekend!  i talked to sarah after work today & then talked to phil & jen to finalize leyton going w/ me & i'm just ready for a road trip!!  also, the weather has turned GORGEOUS and i want to be outside playing.  unfortunately, that will have to wait til THIS weekend.  

mom, leyton & i had plans to go to the zoo tomorrow, but mom decided she wanted to wait til saturday.  assuming leyton is hanging out w/ us on saturday?  anyway, so i'm kinda disappointed about that!  to make up for it (and for being kinda snarky to me this afternoon), she took me to dinner at the mexican place down the road.  YUMMMY chips!  and i may have had 1/2 a sundae for dinner.  (TMI moment - you have been warned - one of my medications has made my periods more regular, but also more REGULAR.  like, previously i didn't have cramps or cravings or mood swings, really, but i had to deal w/ the gross part for like 2 weeks at a time.  now the gross part only lasts for the accepted 2 days or so, but the week leading up to it i want to eat all the chocolate and cry at all the things and growl at all the other things and then eat more chocolate!!!!)

so, anyway.  originally we were going to see a movie, but mom decided she didn't really want to.  (she called me, but whatever!)  it was okay, tho, as - did i mention the YUMMMY chips & dip??  : ) 

when i got home from dinner, it was to discover that my livingroom bulb had burned out.  boo!  :(  phil said he'd stop over tomorrow & replace it, so that's good.  yay for brothers who are TALL!  

i caught up on Battleground & then tried to watch GH, but the computer had had enough, so i'm giving it a break & will catch up w/ GH later.  also still need to catch up w/ OUAT & all the abc family shows that i keep forgetting about.  and also ... there is something that i am supposed to watch but they never advertise it anymore and so i forget... oh!  castle!  have there been new castles??  so many shows... on so many different schedules... oye!  


so... what else?  i need to find a dermatologist.  any local peeps have suggestions?  do i have to get a recommend from my doctor to get an appt?  i asked a friend about hers, but she said she's not taking any new patients.  hmmm.  

oh, i just thought of good things about it not being friday yet.  hanging out w/ mom & leyton tomorrow - even if we're not going to the zoo, maybe i'll get to meet them for dinner.  and then it's SURVIVOR!  something interesting is going down tomorrow!!  : )  and then, TRISH (and al) SECRET TACO DAY!!!(tm)  :D  

so, i guess tomorrow being "only" wednesday isn't all bad.  LOL 


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