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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

singing in the rain

sometimes it's all you can do, sing when it's raining.  when things seem down a song can make you feel better.  

my livingroom light is going out again.  it's very annoying.  i think there must be something wrong w/ the ... erm... whatever you call it.  *laugh*  

i stopped at bed, bath & beyond after work because i had a $5 off $15 coupon.  they were having some excellent clearance sales, and i found a photo album for sarah, a cute owl for mom, and a Blossom/California Dreams dvd.  i'd just been wanting Blossom on dvd after seeing multiple big bang theories, ya know.  *laugh*  

had leftover pineapple fried rice for dinner.  mmmm!  

about a boy - more hugh grant makes me happy!  even tho it starts off as a rather depressing little tale.

my cousin bradley had surgery yesterday.  he's doing well, PTL!!!  

idk what else, that's the end of my randomness for tonight. 



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