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Thursday, 22 March 2012

you dope

one of my very special episodes of blossom tonight is about blossom & six finding a joint on the bus & deciding whether to smoke it or not.  i really like how they (the show) handle issues like this.  the family really talks openly about things - sex, drugs, life... the more i see, the more i wonder if it subconsciously influenced my approach to talking w/ the kids i babysat for, my cousins, leyton & anthony, well, kids in general.  they just converse so logically and in a straight forward manner, and i just think that's best.  

goodness, y'all are probably wondering how many posts i'll be going on about blossom!  LOL  

anyway, today was a good day.  got to sleep in a bit & then went to the dealership for my oil change.  then the dentist - could only do one filling so had to make an appt for two weeks for the super-cleaning & another filling.  found out dr b's mom is a children's author.  so neat!  we got on that subject because i brought isabella moon & was telling them about the book & that my friend laura wrote it, and dr b said "that is really cool!  my mom has written children's books, but not novels!"  and i said that children's books are cool (cuz they are) and that it's amazing to be published, no matter what you've written (including letters to magazines, as you know!  LOL)!  : )  so we had a nice conversation about that - and i was advertising laura's book!!  *grin*  

then it was back to the dealership to wait another half hour or so for the car, which was alright - more reading!!  : )  my mouth was still super numb, but i had to eat something cuz i was stahhhhving.  so i stopped at LJS & it was yummy!  :D  then, to work!  i got in at 11:45 & stayed til 4:45.  my mouth was numb til about 2.  LOL  

trish tv night was fuuuuun!  great episodes of missing, secret circle, and awake for sure!  and dinner - trish & i got to chatting & burned the chicken, but it still tasted delicious!  : )  

now, a little more blossom, some packing, and then bed!!!  i can sleep in til 8.  wooooot!!!  leyton & i need to go to WM & then we'll hit the road!  please pray for safe travels for us.  thank you much & ttfn!!  

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