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Sunday, 11 March 2012

training wheels

i watched a really awesome WM Family Movie Night movie today, Field of Vision.  i know i rave about them every time i watch one of the movies, but they really are THAT good.  not like oscar-worthy or anything - but then again, i don't have any desire to see most oscar-buzz films, so... yeah.  *laugh*  that's kinda a compliment!  : )  

i went over to mom's to play w/ her & leyton around 3.  phil was out getting training wheels for leyton's new bike, and when he came back, lots of fun was had!  : )  

when we came in, we played several games of Sorry! & then watched Amazing Race.  
i'm glad that rachel & brendan are still in, but man she needs to STOP WHINING!  
and LOL - when mom said that (to the TV, about rachel) leyton got upset (because he was also whining at the time) & said, "don't say that to me!"  
LOL  it was funny.  : ) 

also today, after much fighting w/ the computer, i was able to watch the latest Glee and 3 eps of Grimm.  EXCELLENT episodes of each!  

tomorrow, the busy busy busy continues!  
the boys (and mom) have spring break this week, and i THOUGHT we'd discussed hanging out & doing some fun stuff - zoo, pavilion, museum, idk... - but then tonight mom acted like we hadn't had those discussions & said she didn't have any plans & didn't know when leyton would be over... so, we'll see!  he might stay the night w/ her tuesday & wednesday, & i'll take some time & go wherever.  *laugh*  

what's your agenda for the week?  i get to have trish (and al) time thursday, and a NEW episode of secret circle as well - yay!!  


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