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Monday, 12 March 2012

polly may want a cracker

but today all i wanted was a cookie!  i thought i wanted a PB patty, so i ate one.  then i still wanted a cookie, so i ate a thin mint.  my craving was still not satisfied, so i ate a caramel delight.  finally, my cookie monster seems to be satisfied!  yeesh.  now, this wasn't a bad thing, necessarily - a serving is 3 cookies, so i didn't overeat pere, but when my normal (new normal) is 1 cookie - i felt like i was binging!  :|   not a good feeling, but at least i had fish for dinner!  *laugh*  

this was a rough monday, not gonna lie.  i was right about 6:30 feeling like 5:30, but in a way i hadn't thought of - it's DARK now at 6:30!  i was getting used to my room being lighter in the morning when i got up, and so when my internal alarm went off, i pooh-pooh'd it because it was still dark!  then i looked at the actual clock & sure enough, time to get up.  *groan*  i seriously contemplated calling in for a couple hours & going back to sleep, but i got my butt up & outta the bed & dragged myself to work.  *laugh*  

it wasn't a bad day there, just felt a bit out of step.  my wall-mate is on vacation, and i miss her!  she'll be gone most of the week, so i guess i'll get used to it by the time she gets back.  heh!  i was able to help some peeps w/ timecard stuff, and got a LOT of claims stuff done, which made me feel like it was quite an accomplished day.  woot!  

tonight i'm watching Endgame and Celebrity Apprentice.  i love penn gillette!  really, i'm quite fond of a few ppl on the men's team... and seeing tia carrere (sp?) makes me miss Relic Hunter.  that was a good, cheesy indiana jones-y show!!  : )  

sarah's supposed to call at some time tonight to go over plans & things for next weekend.  so excited!  actually, i have things to be excited about this week, too.  thursday is trish (and al) night!  yay!  LOL  i know, i keep sharing my excitement.  

anyway, hope your monday wasn't too draggy, unless you're a drag queen, and then drag on!  ; )  


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