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Friday, 9 March 2012


today was pretty nice.  busy at work, but got my memorial letters out, timecard stuff fixed and most of my claims prepped.  woot!  there were a couple irritations, one involving the potential outsourcing of part of my work.  i hate outsourcing.  i don't care if it's to a company in america or not (altho being in america does make it better.  sorry, but i don't believe in sending jobs overseas when we have PLENTY of available & willing work force m moren our own country.  will you have to pay them more?  YES YOU WILL because gas prices keep going up & ppl couldn't live on what you could pay someone overseas.  but you will be creating/maintaining jobs IN YOUR OWN COUNTRY!!!  sorry, stepping down from that soap box to step up to another...)!  and it's not that i don't want to "share" my work - i'm all for having help & finding efficiencies.  but i believe we should keep our work in-house, because when customer x calls, they want to know they're going to be able to talk w/ someone who actually works for the company they're calling.  at least, i would, if i were customer x!!  

anyway, i had a phone call about one of those things & it made me feel defensive & on the spot, and i hate feeling like that.  i felt blindsided.  i felt talked down to.  i don't think that was the caller's intent (i hope not, anyway) but that doesn't really help w/ how it made me FEEL.  :p  and then i went to give my boss a head's up about the call/info, and she made me feel a bit talked down to, as well.  again, i hope she didn't mean to - she was in btwn appointments & didn't really have time to think about what i was saying, so we'll see how things go down when we discuss it again.  

so!  at 2 i was MORE THAN ready to leave for the day!  *laugh*  

stacy picked me up & we headed to georgette's.  last time, it took us like 5 hours to get there because the GPS kept sending us all over creation!  this time, it took us about an hour & a half.  PTL!!  : )  we have so much fun on our trips, stacy & i.  we chat the whole way there, then w/ gette for a few hours of hanging out & dinner, then the whole way back.  is awesome.  i love my friends!!!  : )  thank the Lord!!  

gette made fried chicken & a spinach veggie casserole - delicious!!  i had a cinnamon roll for dessert, warmed up in the microwave.  mmmm!  and the three of us sat around in the living room just talking about this, that & the other.  good times!  don't we look happy??  : )  

got back to my car around 10:30 (we had some fun GPS issues on the way back!  LOL  good thing stacy & i both have pretty good senses of direction!!  i headed to the gas station & hit it right before closing time.  thankfully they hadn't taken out the diet pepsi from the soda machine yet!  heh.  they were just closing, too - i was the last customer.  and i forgot something, so i had to stop at another gas station on the way home, as well!!  LOL  

now i'm reading some FB & will read a bit of my book & then hit the hay.  hanging out w/ mom & leyton tomorrow - don't know what we're doing, but it'll be fun!  : )  

ttfn!  hope your friday was fun!  

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