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Friday, 16 March 2012

errands and movies and showers oh my

we had a food day at work & there were lots of delicious treats!  it makes me happy that ppl bring in fruits & veggies as well as cookies & cakes.  heh.  i do take a taste of the cookies & cakes, but definitely do not eat as much as i used to.  which is good since i have this pesky 10 lbs that goes away & keeps coming back before i can lose 10 more!  lol 

i took 2 hours of vacation & left at 2, so i could stop at target & get a shower present.  i thought bay was registered at target, but then i couldn't find her on the registry, so i just got a gift card.  i also found The Seeker for $5!  yay!  i really love this movie!!  

logged in to fb & was surprised to see certain updates.  on the one hand, it irritates me when ppl put things on their statuses that are either misleading or flat out LIES about someone.  because ppl who don't know the someone they're writing about will of course think that someone is a deadbeat or bad person or whatever.  and ppl who DO know the someone or the actual situation just want to scream at the person using their status like that.  but no way am i starting a fb war.  and also, on the other hand, sometimes that's the only way i know what's going on.  lol  

and knowledge is power, even when that knowledge irritates the wiggins outta me!

now it's about time for me to pick up jan for baylee's shower.  hopefully i'll have pictures when i come back, altho sometimes i get intimidated taking pictures over there because they're all such GOOD photographers, professionals (literally, b.rees creative)... but even tho mine aren't professional, i like them, they capture stories... 

anyway, ttfn!

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