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Monday, 2 January 2012


*bounce*  so happy to be home!  altho sad that vacation is over, ya know?  i had lots of fun hanging out w/ april & her family, and even mom.  when we weren't fighting.  LOL  i enjoyed the hotels, especially the staybridge.  i love having a 2 bedroom suite so that we each have our own bedroom & bathroom.  it makes it feel ... well, nice.  *laugh* 

we stayed in ohio (different hotel than on our way out) last night & headed home today.  it was snowing, in various spots, but not badly i didn't think.  still, we saw SEVENTEEN accidents on our way home.  17!!!  that number is just insane to me.  a lot of it was hot-doggers, but i'm sure some was just ppl who lost control on icy interstates.  we were SO GRATEFUL for all the prayers & everything & that we weren't involved in any of the accidents!!  thank You, Jesus!!

it's only 10, and i have 1/2 a day off tomorrow so i get to sleep in.  but i am exhausted & going to head for bed soon!  right when i got home, i spent 1/2 an hour snuggling w/ angel.  i missed her & she appears to have missed me.  so grateful for phil's taking care of her while i was gone!!  

hopefully tomorrow i will get all the pictures & postcards uploaded & have a nice post worked out.  until then, i hope your new year's was AWESOME!  what'd you do??  (we stayed in & watched christmas movies & played cards & ate chips & dip & pie - there were salad & veggies in my meal plan during vacation, i promise!  LOL  


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