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Monday, 23 January 2012

monday magic

happy monday, party peeps!  how'd your day go?  did you get a lot accomplished?  did you play outside?  did you have sunshine or rain or snow?  

my day was tiring, but good.  i DID get lots accomplished, at least in the memorial department.  sent out a bunch of checks & created a bunch of requests for more checks, and that was pretty much my day.  *laugh*  i was going to get vacations in at the end of the day, but decided 5:15 was a good time to scoot my bum out the door, so i'll work on those tomorrow.  : D 

after work i stopped at hy vee for milk & cereal & sushi for dinner.  i also picked up some hummus, chips, yogurt & found a new amanda quick to read, which is a sequel to her book that i read on vacation.  woot!  i love unexpectedly finding a book i'm looking for.  or, rather, not looking for but want to read.  ya know?  

when i got home, i tried to watch Once Upon A Time, but my computer said no, so i'm in safe mode just chatting w/ april & catching up on my blogs.  soon i'll pop in some buffy & curl up w/ my new book.  : )  

doesn't that sound like a lovely idea??  



  1. I heart Once Upon A Time. By far one of my favorite shows. I watched it earlier.

    I've never had sushi but I dislike fish so I guess I will probably continue to avoid it. I hope you enjoyed it though.

  2. lol, thanks, B, it was good! i can definitely see avoiding sushi if you don't like fish - but maybe an avocado roll would be good - if you like avocado! *laugh*