"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Thursday, 5 January 2012


i don't really have a reason for the title.  *laugh*  altho i did process a lot of vacations, timecard helps, and emails today!  heh.

it was a great day, just loooong!  got to chat w/ some friends via email while i worked, so that's always nice.  

after work i met trish at the car shop & left my car there.  then we went to pick up food for dinner & hung out at trish's for the evening.  she grilled cheeseburgers.  mmmm!  al was SUPPOSED to do the actual grilling part... LOL  we watched big bang theory & rules of engagement, which are quite funny.  then it was THE show, Secret Circle.  oh so good!!!  : )  and then a new one for me - tho it's been on awhile - The Mentalist.  also a pretty neat show!  

trish & al brought me home & now here i am.  gotta get to bed because marty's picking me up at like 6:30 (agh!).  hopefully they can figure out what is whining/squeaking & fix it so i will have my car back tomorrow night!  we'll see.  i'll be at work til 5:30 or so anyway... 

i hope your day went well!!  ttfn!


  1. I hate car issues. We had to have the engine rebuilt in our truck this year. It's a pain.

  2. thanks, B! yeah, any time you have to deal w/ any kind of doctor (person, car, pet) it's kinda annoying! lol