"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Tuesday, 17 January 2012


is what i'm watching right now.  cuz jorge garcia is in it.  :D  and also sam neill.  rah!

sometimes i eat cereal for dinner because i love cereal & it sounds good.  sometimes i eat it for dinner because i don't get out of work til 6 & i really want sushi but i don't want to go to the store because it's been a long day & i'm tired & i just want to go home.  so, tonight for dinner i had a handful of tortilla chips w/ french onion dip & a bowl of cereal for dinner.  i was going to have some salad, but then the dressing i remembered i had in my pantry... well, i checked out the expiration date & it's 2010.  whoops!  i didn't think it'd been THAT long ago that i bought it, but apparently so.  

and that made me wonder what else in my pantry is past its expiration date, but i'm too tired to go thru it tonight.  and probably will be too tired to do it this week any time because i will likely be at work til 5:30 or 6 all week.  except perhaps thursday when i have dinner plans if the weather holds.  *laugh*  so maybe saturday i won't make any plans & will clean it out.  altho i did volunteer for the FIRST competition, but haven't heard anything back from them, so idk if i am doing that or not.  

honestly, at this point i am kinda hoping not because i am so tired!!  but on the other hand the reason i volunteered for it in the first place is because it'll be cool.  so, i guess i'll leave it up to them to call.  LOL 

anyway, back to alcatraz.  15 minutes in & i am loving it, so i hope it does well!  : ) oh, also, White Collar is back tonight, but i'm not sure when i will get to watch it!  : ) 



  1. Don't you hate finding something that is expired? Good luck organizing your pantry! I know mine could use some attention too.

    1. yes! and thank you & good luck to you, as well! : ) we CAN overcome our out of control pantries! *laugh*