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Thursday, 12 January 2012

cereal at midnight


today was a good day, except for the snow.  snow is pretty, but not on the road.

the drive to work took about an hour longer than normal, which was okay because i got there safely so i don't really care about the time.  i was disappointed in the state of the roads, tho!  i mean, MAIN roads were awful.  i don't get that.  also, whomever they are paying to plow our parking lot at work, they are paying them too much. i'm not even confident they plowed at all.  i nearly got into an accident because i couldn't tell where the rows were & ended up going the wrong way down an aisle & some yahoo thought it was springtime & whipped around the corner!  (they were probably thinking "some yahoo was going the wrong way down the aisle!"  LOL)

i stayed til 5:30 & it was a realllllly busy day.  we  had a food day, tho, and that was delicious.  i need to stop eating the food, tho!  gotta get back on the bandwagon.  it's so HARD once you get off, tho!  *laugh*  and my BS has been okay... but i want to make sure it STAYS okay, and also i would like to be a size 16.  that's not asking for much, is it?  it's only 4 sizes... anyway, i'll go to WM this weekend for healthy snacks so i can stop craving cookies & the like.  i mean, a cookie now & then is okay, and i'm still eating WAY less than i used to.  but i can feel it slowly getting out of control - two cookies instead of one, chips instead of carrots... smack my hand, i am NOT getting back into bad habits!  

resolved.  : ) 

after work i fought the roads & made it to trish's just in time for dinner.  she made pot roast & it was yummy. we watched big bang theory & a new show, Rob, which i found amusing and liked.  of course, i enjoy rob schneider & i LOVE cheech marin.  and the dude who plays rob's wife's uncle is FUNNY.  then it was time for THE show, Secret Circle & wowo it is just so good!  then i thought we would watch The Mentalist like last week, but we watched The Firm instead.  i wasn't excited about this show, and the first few minutes i was REALLY not excited.  i was like, "really?  i might not make it thru this whole show."  BUT THEN!  then it got really good & i got sucked into the storyline & i'm now actually rooting for it to stick around.  

so, there ya go.  had to stop for gas on the way home.  got home at 10:30-ish & now it's 1 AM & i really, really need to go to bed!!  

ohhh yeah... when i got home?  that snow that had been falling & blowing all day?  AS TALL AS MY PORCH!  well, not quite but almost.  it was about hip deep.  thankfully it had blown & drifted a spot open in my driveway, so i didn't have to get out & shovel a spot there.  and the grass was pretty clear, but i couldn't avoid stepping in the hip-deep part to get onto my porch.  :(  i threw on some jeans & sneaks & shoveled a path - which, depending on the wind might be all blown over again in the morning anyway so idk why i bothered other than the hope that it WON'T be.  or that it won't be as high at least?   pretty please?  

*sigh*  that's the part of snow that i dislike.  hate, even.  HATE.  

but now my warm bed calls to me.  tomorrow is going to be busy & i'm leaving work at 2 to pick stacy up to go to gette's.  WOOT!  i am excited to hang out w/ them & praying that the roads are clear.  

what're you up to tomorrow?  and did it snow for you today?  


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