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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

you say you fixed my car...

i am a little stressed today & am heading to bed in a few minutes.  

phil picked me up at 7.  we got starbucks, but i completely messed up my order.  it was good, but just not what i meant to get.  work was an insane bicycle ride downhill w/ a bear on the handlebars!  oye!  (downhill because of speed, not because it was a bad day.)  i was able to enlist a couple helper bees to sort thru claims & vacations, and that saved me at least 2 hours, i think.  still, the claims were ... well, i got all the claims entered & left a little after 6:30, and shoved everything away.  i didn't run any numbers, so idk how many claims i processed, but it was kinda exhausting!!  *laugh*  i realized when i was 1/2 way thru childcare claims that i'd forgotten to send out confirmations for them.  d'oh!  meh.  the important thing is i got them all in the system in time to be paid out on the next pay period... : )  

mom & leyton picked me up after work & i was haaaaappy to see my leytonbug!  i MISSED him!  and he seems to have grown since i saw him on christmas!!  we went to pick up my car & leyton & i played some fun games on the way.  heh.  he's just fun.  : )  i was in a pretty good mood, just tired & hungry - i walked over to walgreens while i waited for them to get to work & got some christmas cookies that were on sale.  i'd wanted some string cheese but they were out.  anyway - i was having fun.  and then i got in my car.

:(  it now makes a whining noise that it did NOT make before!  what the deal, yo??  *laugh*  so now i get to call them tomorrow & take it back on friday so they can fix that.  yeesh!  it is such an annoying sound that later when i called mom (after dropping phil & anthony off at jen's so phil could pick up his car), she even said - before i said ANYTHING - "oh, is that your car?  that is awful!  we will have to call them tomorrow."  so yeah, eep!  

i didn't get home til about 9 & then just read a couple blogs & fb posts & ate dinner & oh yeah, there was the little matter of spending an hour on youtube watching GH clips from the past (like when robin was 13).  i seriously miss the anna/robert/robin/nurse's ball/lucy coe days!  and oh my goodness, i want to watch old episodes of Port Charles...i loved when they had the vampire storyline!  ... and now i have to go watch episode 1.  lol  at least the first few minutes.  : )  

anywhoo.  i hope your day went well.  tomorrow work will be intense & busy again, but i won't have to stay past 5, and then i'll be heading to trish's for SECRET CIRCLE & hang out time!  : )  woot!  


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