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Saturday, 31 December 2011

happy new year!

well, almost, anyway!  : )  does everyone have plans for parties tonight?  i'm just chilling at the hotel w/ mom, watching christmas movies & reading & playing cards.  : )  it's been a busy week, and this is our last night in maryland. 

i'll have pictures & a full description when i return, but thought i'd share some highlights! 

we stayed our first night in a holiday inn express in ohio, and it was a quite lovely hotel, nicely decorated still for christmas.  the tree was gorgeous!  we arrived in maryland tuesday night & met up w/ april & her family for dinner at red robin.  it was exceedingly nice to be out of the car and to spend time visiting!  wednesday, i joined april & her fam for a trip into DC.  we went to the spy museum - what a trip!  that place is amazing!  of course, they don't allow photography, so the only pictures i have are postcards.  heh.  it was neat to see all the gadgets & things on display, and to recognize some great ones from all my spy shows!  heh.  my favorite spy era has to be the cold war era, tho.  that is, in my opinion, the heyday of spies. 

after the museum, we visited the national archives, which i had not been to in my previous visits to DC.  to be in the room w/ the declaration, the bill of rights, the constitution... oh, amazing!  of course, this was another place where pictures were not allowed inside.  it was dark & cool in the room, the rotunda, and oh so nicely decorated... i felt like a ben gates, nick cage's character from national treasure.  just breathing in the history, i loved it! 

thursday mom & i took a little trip to find a roy rogers restaurant... it didn't work out so much.  it was kinda stressful - drivers are exceedingly rude here!  drivers from virginia seem to be the nicest, tho..

mom & i tried another trip into DC yesterday - more stress, and we did NOT get to see the white house, or even get out of the car, really.  we did glimpse the washington monument from the car... i got some good pictures of buildings, at least, i guess. 

i'd been hoping to get to the babe ruth museum, because my newest niece was born this week, and her name is ruth.  : )  i thought it would be neat to get that picture & frame it for her.  unfortunately, mom got sick late last night & so we just spent the day convelescing... i did make it out to target for a few things, tho.  *laugh*  had to get some new books as i went thru all the ones i brought w/ me! 

tomorrow, we leave, and begin our journey home.  i'm ready to be home but not ready for vacation to end!  i miss angel - phil has been taking care of her & the house, and he sent me a picture of her yesterday.  she looks alright, but i will have to give her lots of cuddles when i return!  : ) 

so, take care, my dear friends, and let me know all about your NYE plans, eh? 


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  1. I have never been to DC. I think it would be so much fun. I've heard the drivers are rude as well. I have a friend that moved there and she was not thrilled with driving around.