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Sunday, 29 January 2012


today was quite the lazy sunday, and very nice!  leyton woke up about 6:30 & wanted to get up, but i made him wait an hour.  i did let him come up to snuggle w/ me, tho & he went back to sleep for about 1/2 an hour, so that was good!  *laugh*  we did get up about 7:30 & had breakfast & watched thomas & stuff.  mom picked him up at about 10 & i watched some GH & read my People... 

cover story of this week's magazine?  yet ANOTHER hollywood couple breaking up - this time heidi klum & seal.  it makes me so sad, that the reason they gave is they "grew apart."  to me, that is not a reason to divorce, ESPECIALLY when there are kids involved in your marriage.  what does that even mean, seriously?  to me, "growing apart" just says that you stopped communicating, caring, or working on your relationship.  you let your careers get in the way.  reasons for divorce, in my opinion, are very few.  infidelity, abuse, lying... i should say GOOD reasons for divorce.  and i don't say that in a harsh or judging manner - every marriage - every relationship - is different and unique unto the parties involved in that relationship.  but when you commit to live your lives together, it is just that (or supposed to be) - a commitment!  lately it just seems like that fact flies out the window.  and i find i am a lot more sympathetic about divorces of ppl i know than i am about hollywood divorces.  i think because in the past year or so there have been so MANY hollywood divorces, and the reasons most recently have all been the same.  they still love each other, but they drifted apart, they're living separate lives now, they have been living in different countries... idk, it just makes me go grrr.  and it also makes me very pessimistic when i read about hollywood engagements or marriages anymore.  instead of being happy for my favorite celebs, my first thought is, "i wonder how long this will last?" i hate feeling like that!  i like to be able to root for ppl, ya know?  

anyway!  i didn't even realize i was going to write about that, again.  sorry!!  

so, after reading & whatnot, i met mom & leyton at wendy's for lunch, where we had quite a lot of fun & leyton made friends w/ various ppl thru the restaurant, as per usual.  he is quite the social dude!  *laugh*  

i slacked on pictures today because he didn't really want to take any.  so i guess - is that really slacking?  *laugh*  

after lunch,, mom went to grammy's for cards & i took leyton to her house for nap.  i played bejeweled on mom's DS, read some of The Perfect Poison, and watched Nickelodeon.  i had forgotten how much i love iCarly!  *laugh*  also, there's a show called Victorious, and i was sucked into it because they did a Breakfast Club thing.  they were really clever w/ it, too (from an older person standpoint - i have to believe that kids wouldn't get the subtext unless they'd seen the movie, such as "are you a vegan?  admit it, you've never had the warm tortilla shell with meat, cheese, lettuce...")!  there was also a show called big time band or something like that, which was ... i honestly do not know how i felt about the show.  other than to say it did have cute boys who could sing.  that was another thing i noticed - disney stars get a lot of attention for being musically inclined, but nick stars nowadays are just as musical!!  

i guess, if you think about alanis, they always have been... LOL 

anyway again, leyton napped for a couple hours, and when he got up & mom got home, we played a rousing game of payday!  leyton was the banker & he did a pretty smashing job!  hooray!  i left around 6 & came home to watch more GH & write & catch up on the rest of the blogs!  

but my computer is being snarky, so i think i'm going to see if i can watch GH & read my book.  


i sincerely hope my rant on the (recent) prevalence of hollywood divorces isn't taken personally by any of my friends who have gone thru or are going thru a divorce.  my thoughts are directed solely at the ppl covered by entertainment magazines, those who have opened their lives up to the public.  i do not think their decisions to separate/divorce were easy for them - at the very least i hope the decision was not! - but from the admittedly limited information provided, i have stated my opinions.  thanks!


  1. I saw that "breakfast club" victorious with my nine year old. Of course I couldn't tell her that the bag of tacos was a reference to a bag of weed and that the accusations of veganism was a virginity. Seems like this one was made for the parents. I wouldn't let my daughter watch Breakfast club.

    1. definitely the right call there! *laugh* i don't even think i saw TBC til college - of course at that point all my friends were like, "i can't believe you've never seen this!" *laugh*