"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Saturday, 7 January 2012

saturday fun

last night i was sooooo tired when i got home that i pretty much crashed right away.  i had some great, interesting dreams, which i of course did not write down right away & so now all i remember clearly is that there was a really cute scruffily shaved man in one of them.  *laugh*  

i got to hang out w/ mom & leyton today, and even phil for a bit!  : )  we had leyton's first basketball game, which was a riot!  sadly, i think my camera is dying.  :(  i can no longer zoom and i can't tell if the pictures are getting grainier or if it's my computer.  *sigh*  but, i still think you can see the fun ... 

after the game, we wanted to go to mo brady's for lunch, but were a couple hours early.  d'oh!  so we ended up at dynasty buffet, which was good - and i got to have sushi!  altho, after the sushi at osaka buffet, well... let's just say it doesn't even compare.  osaka sushi is AMAZING and the CHOICES?  yum!  still, dynasty has really delicious crab ragoon & peanut butter chicken.  : )  

after lunch, we went to the family museum for a couple hours & leyton got to play on a few things.  also saw some nice displays they had created!  

mom very kindly took me to WM on our way home, so i was able to get my groceries & Rx, finally!  leyton rode in the cart w/ me for the first 1/2 of the shopping & then switched to mom's cart the last 1/2.  : )  it was a lot of fun!  we brought the groceries here & they helped me unload them & get them put away, then we went back to mom's so leyton could get a bath & dinner.  and then i headed back home.  : )  i got to watch glee's christmas ep, revenge, and terra nova - all of which were great episodes!  well, the glee ep wasn't GREAT but i did enjoy it.  : )  

had some sad news about a friend of a friend's, so please keep the situation in prayer.  he just found out he has stage four cancer, the kind that my dad passed away of, and it's of course a huge shock.  please pray for healing, comfort, wisdom, peace, and anything else you are inspired to pray for this man and his family and friends.  i also have a cousin who is battling a completely different form of cancer, and a friend's daughter who is recovering but still fighting.  cancer SUCKS and is evil and ... well, we all know this.  

our God is awesome, and prayers are mighty, tho!  WE ARE VICTORIOUS!  it's hard, because sometimes that victory doesn't happen on earth, but the good news is that this earth is not "it."  i sometimes have to remind myself of that a hundred times a day - because even tho i KNOW it, i sometimes don't FEEL it, ya know?  i mean, just like any parent or family member or friend who loves someone (many someones), i want to grow old on this earth & watch them grow old & accomplish dreams & have families, etc., etc.  i KNOW heaven is better than anything this world has to offer - but sometimes we're not ready to give up the blessings He gives us in this world for the next quite yet.  ya know?  does that make any sense?  it's late, so my musings could very well be ramblings by this point. beside the fact that everyone probably left after the pictures & isn't even still reading this.  

ANYWAY!  i hope your weekend is going well, and that you will remember these prayer requests.  tomorrow i'm hoping to visit w/ juli a bit & meet baby ruth & then hang out w/ mom & leyton for awhile again.  


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  1. i totally forgot to mention that during the last quarter of the game, leyton sad out because they had 1 too many team members so they rotated a kid out each quarter. well, he took advantage of the "down time" to mac on the ladies. ; )