"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Thursday, 19 January 2012

my friends bless me

spent today on claims, timecards, claims, claims, claims, and oh yes, timecards.  *laugh*  there were some other things interspersed in there, but mostly it was those two things from 8 am - 5:15 pm!  

i once again have to say how much i LOVE my job, tho.  even when it's insanely busy & i sorta feel like i can't figure out heads or tails, being able to interact with ppl & talk to them & help them solve their issues or educate them on something so they DON'T have issues... it's grand!  

after work, i met my friends anna, dawn, dawn's daughter brooklyn, and jeff at the thai restaurant.  we had been planning to go to a bar & grill downtown, but jeff mentioned thai to try & entice his wife into joining us w/ their daughters, and as soon as he said thai, i wanted to go there instead.  so i asked if that would be alright, everyone said "yay!" and that's where we went.  mrs jeff & the girls didn't join us, tho.  :(  ah well, next time, hopefully!  

we had lots of fun, just the 4 (6 - brooklyn & dawny's tummy baby) of us anyway!  i had pineapple fried rice & it was YUMMY!  brooklyn had these really neat crayolas that are crayons but in plastic...they're housed like markers but they're crayons!  have you seen these?  they are super neat!!  i want some...  : )  it is so great to spend time w/ friends, just laughing & talking & eating & laughing some more!!  i was so happy jeff was able to join us.  tho we did miss mel, and holly... but, hopefully i can continue to do well scheduling once a month or so & ppl will be able to make it!  dawn's baby should be on the outside for next month's... 

after dinner i headed to trish's for an awesome episode of secret circle - things were revealed, more questions were raised, it was neat!  but then next week we don't get a new ep??  *boggle*  not sure what that's about.  we watched the mentalist, which i am coming to really enjoy, and then i braved the cold once again to come HOME.  i should have gone right to bed, but instead i read some FB posts & blogs & ... heh.  i did have an apple w/ some PB as well.  that was good.  : )  

oh!  i received some postcrossings today, from the netherlands & taiwan.  and also a thank you card from ginger in arizona.  quite nice haul!  one of these days i'll scan in all the postcards from the past couple months... not tonight, tho!!  i need to pull up a few to send at that time, as well.  

i hope your day went well!  goes well, if you're reading this at the start of your day!  i am off to read a couple more things & then SLEEP.  tomorrow is payroll cutoff, so ... idk what time i'll be able to leave!!  


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