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Friday, 13 January 2012


dude, it's seriously 1 AM again.  i am tired.  but i have to write or the thoughts will swirl around in my head & i won't be able to sleep!  so, a quick day's recap is in order.  

- had a nightmare about a serial killer who was trying to make me wear a red dress & a plastic dress over it.  i had a cell phone in my pocket... i wasn't scared in the dream, but felt stressed out when i woke up.  

- because of said dream, and the fact that i went back to sleep after it, i got to work at 8:30 instead of 7:30.  d'oh!  

- there's just SO MUCH to get done!!  oye.  it was a good day, mostly, tho.  

- the plan was to leave at 2 & pick stacy up.  stacy called at like 1 to say she had been in a car accident & wasn't sure when she'd get home, but she was okay (thank God)!  so then i didn't know what we were doing... but filing reports & such went faster than she'd expected, so she was home for me to pick her up at 2:30.  : )  hooray!  

- we had a lot of fun on the trip!!  it was neat because - altho we hadn't seen each other in YEARS and hadn't really hung out much way back in the day, there wasn't any awkwardness or anything like that.  we just chatted away the whole ride to gette's, even as we were getting lost & turned around & then finally back on track!  *laugh*  

- we had a lot of fun at gette's, too!  she made 2 different quiches, and they were quite tasty!!  i'll tell you more about them (with pictures!) later this weekend over at the menu.  : )  oh, and her house is gorgeous!  she has a jacuzzi tub in the master bath & stacy fell in love w/ that tub.  *laugh*  

- stacy & i left around 9, after we'd sat around chatting for a couple hours & just having a great time!  gette's cat was a little ...erm... frisky... tho!  LOL  the trip back home was both more & less eventful - we made it to the interstate w/o any problems & it only took us the hour & a half it was supposed to (well, 2 hours, w/ potty break!) instead of the 3 1/2 hours it took us to get out there!!  heh.  but i couldn't see for part of the journey home (well, not clearly) because my windshield was all crappy & my wipers weren't working properly.  stacy very kindly cleaned & fixed them while i was in the loo, so that was really nice!  thanks, stacy!!  : )  

and now i really have to sleep, as usual!  LOL  leyton's game is tomorrow morning, thankfully not too early!  gotta be to mom's by 10:30, tho.  and i am hoping to stop by the PO on my way there, but we'll see what time i wake up.  

hope your friday was fabulous!!  : ) 


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