"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Monday, 9 January 2012


i got to visit my newest niece tonight.

she's so tiny & cute & i could have held her for a much longer time but she had to eat & i had to go home to chat w/ april for a bit before bret got here.  : )  and also my arm was going numb.  LOL  

andrew & sarah were being pretty cute, as well...

i got home a little after 7 & was able to chat w/ april & watch Once Upon A Time for a bit.  then bret arrived to test out his Cutco selling skills.  he did pretty well - if i had the money i would certainly buy some cutco flatware - not the knives, tho.  i don't like knives.  i've been cut too many times, so sharp things scare me.  well, except needles.  

anyway!  : ) 

work was pretty productive for a monday.  i feel good about what i accomplished.  will likely be there late tomorrow & wednesday, & possibly thursday, but i'm leaving early friday to pick stacy up so we can road trip to gette's.  *happy dance*  oh snap, thursday i have dinner w/ anna & dawn & maybe jeff & adrian, and then it's Secret Circle w/ trish!!  so i guess i won't be working too late that night!  lol  

now, finishing up Pan Am (oh my heck, this show!!  this show!!!!) and then off to dreamland i go!  i am tiiiired & need to get up at 6:30 & not 6:45.  lol  



  1. Love Once Upon A Time. Tolerate Pan Am because The Major watches it.

    Can't believe only 3 more episodes of OLTL...

    1. watched the newest OUAT tonight & wow it was DARK but oh so good! and what'd you think of the last OLTL? i liked the next to last episode better than the very last one. (btw, idk why this comment didn't pop up til today when you wrote it january 10th! sorry!)