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Wednesday, 18 January 2012


hi there!  so, i don't get this whole SOPA/PiPA thing.  i mean, i understand that there's a proposed law out there to basically crush the freedoms afforded on the interwebs.  what i don't understand is how this illogical, unAmerican idea even made it this far?  if someone can explain it to me with something other than, "Logic?  in America?  Bwahahahahaha!" please enlighten me... LOL 

it hurts my heart that someone (anyone, but especially our government who theoretically is supposed to be PROTECTING our rights...) could take away my voice.  that i - that the blogging community - would feel stifled, afraid to post anything that could possibly be misconstrued... and shoot, i don't want to give up my hulu!!!  

today was another long day, as expected.  that was the only thing that went as expected, tho.  *laugh*  well, i guess i train someone to help me w/ the photos, and i got all my vacations done (about 100, whew!) and confirmed claims... and helped a boatload of ppl out w/ timecard issues!  never dull, thank the Lord!!  : )  

mom called at around 5 (still at work) to see if i wanted to hang out tonight w/ her & leyton.  anthony had been hanging out w/ them after school, but decided to go home w/ his mom when they picked jen up.  so i left at 6 & went to mom's.  we played baseball (i know i'm not objective when it comes to my nieces & nephews, but i really think leyton has excellent baseball stance!) & snuggled & watched food network & disney.  and i played some bejeweled on mom's DS.  ; )  

i took leyton home about 8:30 & then didn't leave til an hour later, under HIGH protest from him!  he didn't get a nap, and leaving gramma's was NOT PRETTY because he wanted to stay the night there, but they have an appt in the morning & so he needed to be home.  he was fine in the car (we listed to Santa Claus is Coming to Town on repeat almost the whole way) & when we got home he went immediately upstairs to brush his teeth & get his jams on.  we read a story about the Autobots & said prayers & got tucked in w/ Sprout on.  i shut the door & was all set to leave (it was about 9:30 at this point - and then leyton said, or screamed, "aunt carrie, i'm scared!"  and proceeded to get up & cry & try & get me to stay for awhile.  finally about 20 minutes later i left.  i knew he wasn't really scared, he was just EXTREMELY tired, at that "so tired i am cranky & yet can't sleep" point.  so i didn't want to "give in" but i couldn't just leave him screaming & crying at the door, either... *sigh*  (not only because seeing him crying punches me in the gut, but for anthony, too, who was playing some war game w/ a buddy on the xbox.  he (nor william, the buddy who could HEAR EVERYTHING THAT WAS GOING ON) didn't need that.  lol  

anywhoo.  i am hoping that leyton fell asleep pretty soon after i finally left, because he needed SLEEP!  

i'm very grateful & happy that i got to see both leyton and anthony tonight.  and that anthony told william, when he asked who i was, "that's my aunt, she was dropping off my brother."  awww.  there was a time when he wouldn't call me his aunt.  so that tiny little thing made me all glowy inside.  : D  

*yawn*  time for sleep!  another busy one on the books for tomorrow, but after work is dinner w/ some friends at the river house.  woot!  


oh, p.s. - the FIRST ppl emailed me back today & i'll be volunteering at the registration table on saturday.  i have to be there



lol  i am a little worried about getting up so early... i'll have to go to bed at 10 friday night... heh.  but i think it will be fun!  please pray that i am not attacked by anxiety & that i will actually be able to do this!  thank you!!  


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