"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Monday, 30 January 2012

beach boys

God is so good!  I woke up & got up this morning in time to stop at the ATM & then Kwik Shop, and get to work at 7:15.  I don’t normally bring my book to work w/ me, because I work thru lunch & don’t really have time to read it!  however, today, I grabbed it for some reason – I don’t even remember the exact thought I had, but it was along the lines of “just in case I have time.”  well, this morning, after talking to a friend about taxes, I sent Phil a text about tax stuff – telling him to make sure he claims Leyton & files first so that there isn’t an accidental claiming on Jen’s return, since this is his legal year to claim his son.  He texted back a thank you & also asked if I could pick Jen up from the airport tonight at 7:30, since she has to drop off the rental car she got for the weekend.  The airport is closer to work than to home, and being at work til 5:30 it didn’t really make sense to go all the way home & then back to the airport.  So, this way I had my book to read while I waited for Jen!  :D 

i got a lot read, too!  first i stopped at the mandarin to pick up dinner - crab ragoon for the car & shrimp fried rice for when i got home.  i settled in to wait, expecting 15 minutes or thereabouts.  it was done in like 7 minutes!  way cool normally, but i'd been looking forward to the wait/reading time!  LOL  i went to the mall parking lot, but there wasn't enough light.  then i sat at mcd's for an hour or so reading w/ plenty of light.  it was pretty nice!  

also nice, hugs from Leyton when i dropped Jen off.  : D  and when i got home, i got to chat w/ april for a bit & watch some Endgame.  
This afternoon, one of our managers was headed out, and he stopped by to see how we were doing so we chatted a bit.  As he left, I told him to have fun & if there were cupcakes where he was going, to bring me back one.  *laugh*  He said he was going to the bank, so my wall-mate said, “Well, she might accept a Dum*Dum” & I said, “oh, sure, bring back a lollie!”  LOL  So…he came back from his outing – WITH MINI CUPCAKES!  J  He rocks. 
I was also quite productive this afternoon, getting a hundred some pictures into the system, made a doctor’s appt, called in my script refill, whipped thru vacations, and got thru some claims.  Woot! 

And tonight?  Tonight the stars are out in full force.  Love it!  
God is good.  All the time.  :D 

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