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Monday, 16 January 2012

crab ragoon

happy MLK day, peeps!  what does that even mean?  i mean, is MLK day really a celebratory day?  or rather a day of remembrance?  well, at any rate, i don't understand quite why we celebrate MLK as a national holiday & not other ppl... i mean, he was an influential man who had awesome ideas and helped many ppl.  he was murdered and taken from the world "before his time."  history is full of men, and women, who were influential and taken before their time.  so, i just really wonder... who chooses these things?  of course, i also wonder who chooses which national holidays will also be work holidays.  like - we get MLK day off but not President's day.  some places get Polaski day off, but not everywhere.  am i the only one?  *laugh*  (likely...)

anyway, i was happy to have a day off!  i slept til 9:30 & then got ready to meet trish for lunch.  we went to the mandarin buffet & it was oh so good!  i did NOT overindulge in crab ragoon, so i was a bit proud of myself for that.  i do really well w/ buffets in general, because i don't like the sick "too full" feeling, so i don't eat that much.  but crab ragoon ... well, sometimes i eat ONE too many.  *laugh*  not today, thankfully!  while we were there, my friend stacy came over to say hi!  (not the same stacy i hung out w/ on friday.  lol  i have a few stacy/stacey/staci's as friends!)  : )  

after lunch, trish & i went over to the mall because she needed a particular strobe light for her son's wedding.  of course the light had to be in the store i've boycotted since HS, but i did go in w/ her.  they have some cool stuff, it's true, but they also are known for their ... inappropriate ... merchandise.  i just don't think it's necessary to have a dancing boobs wall hanging, penis straws, vibrators, and highly adult games/valentine candy/etc., at a store in the mall where kids can just walk in.  

but, as discussed before, i'm a prude.  and i'm okay with that.  we were talking about sons of anarchy & true blood on the way, as well.  they are both amazingly storied and acted shows, shows with storylines that i am highly interested in.  i won't watch either of them, however, due to the gratuitous nudity/sex featured.  i just don't think there's a reason for it.  i LOVED the sopranos, but there were storylines/scenes in it that i felt were unnecessary - even for a show about the mob.  

i'm not saying that YOU shouldn't watch those shows for the reasons that I won't watch them.  you have to make your own decisions.  and if you watch TB (ahem, joy & april) - could you catch me up on what's been going on??  *laugh*  

after the mall, we stopped in to sam's so i could pick out my new glasses.  trish did a good job helping me w/ frames.  : )  i really like them - i'll be sure to post a picture when they come in, which should be this weekend.  unfortunately, the trip was not all sunshine & roses.  :|  apparently, my insurance company likes to A) lie and B) not cover my lenses.  you see, after the little incident at lenscrafters, i called UHC, my insurance company.  i gave them my policy number - twice, because the automated dude asks for it, so i punched it in, and then when i finally got to a rep, i had to repeat all the information i'd punched/spoken into the phone for the automated system.  WTH is that about?  really w/ all our technologies, we can't figure out a way to keep that all together, so that if a customer has entered all their information thru the automated system, it goes to the CSR when they eventually get to a live person?  harrumph.  

anyway, that's not what i'm mad about.  i specifically asked what my policy covered.  i was told, "frames up to $130 & lenses (for single vision, which is what i have) are covered at 100%."  i also went on their website, to make sure that sam's was an in-network provider.  yep, they are.  alrighty then!  so i picked out frames that are less than $130, and sat down to get the glasses ordered.  now, i'd expected to pay a co-pay on the lenses and frames.  what i was NOT expecting was to find out that my insurance only covers TWENTY-FIVE DOLLARS of my lenses.  WHAT?!  because, you see, the 100% coverage apparently refers to plastic lenses.  due to my prescription in my left eye, i can't have plastic lenses.  however, NOWHERE did i read that the 100% coverage was for plastic lenses only, and the rep i spoke to on the phone certainly did not mention plastic lenses!  

so, i am left w/ the question - WTH?!  so, United Health Care, if you're reading this, please answer - how can my policy say you cover single vision lenses - from an in-network provider - at 100%, and then actually only cover $25?  please explain the logic.  the ethics, as well.  i pay premiums.  and i have a HDHP, so Lord knows you aren't paying for my doctor's visits & prescriptions.  other than some discounts, what are my premiums getting me?  and how can you say you cover something at 100% when you do not?  my $125 and i would like to know.


at least i had fun hanging out w/ trish & i got to chat w/ april tonight.  also watched Once Upon A Time, Grimm, and caught up w/ Bones.  : )  so those things made me happy!  

now, time for bed!  back to getting up at 6:30 tomorrow & it will be BUSY.  hope your day went well & that you have a terrific tuesday!  



  1. I love this post. Because...
    A. No you are not the only one who wonders those things about MLK day. Did you know that not all veteran's get Veteran's day off? Lame.

    B. I think I know which store you are referring too and I also think it highly inappropriate for kids to be wandering around there.

    C. Insurance is such a scam. It's great when you need it and it actually helps out but most of the time?? Total waste.

    D. Did you catch the end of OLTL last week? What a total series cliffhanger... Good grief. How can they leave it like that??

  2. Totally lame that veterans don't get their own day off! That should be a requirement!

    And that ending for OLTL would have been AWESOME if the online deal hadn't fallen thru.