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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

tired me

breakfast - yogurt & a 90 calorie granola bar.
lunch - sushi & broccoli salad
dinner - cereal & some chips w/ the rest of my yummmmy adolph's salsa.
also possibly popcorn.

worked 8-6.  it was a pretty good day.  BUSY.  i mean, like, there is just so much to get done, and it's like every time i blink my schedule says i should be on something else & i'm not.  which is frustrating!  so i am trying to block out more time for things, because inevitably i'm interrupted 19 times while trying to do something, so it takes twice as long... *laugh*  

but this all makes for a boring blog, sorry!  i got to chat w/ erin for a bit tonight finally.  yay!  wrote out some post cards.  thought i would be able to watch some hulu but not happening tonight.  

wanted to go to bed at 8, but now it's 10 & i feel like i have my second wind!  what is up w/ that?  anyway, i'm going to pop some popcorn & watch an episode of buffy & then go to bed.

hope your day was productive & peachy!  : )  


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