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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

as per usual

it was a good day.  got lots accomplished.  found out another friend is pregnant.  congrats to all the pregnant ladies!!  : )  had many, mannnny fun & interesting timecard scenarios to troubleshoot.  interesting meeting w/ the boss.  rescheduled an afternoon meeting so i could work on claims & vacations.  i always say "i'd rather be busy than bored" and i am certainly BUSY!  PTL!!

planned to go to WM after work, but then - even tho it's right by my house - i didn't want to go all the way there, so i went to the hy vee by work instead.  which, in the long run was a good thing because i don't generally spend as much at hy vee.  lol  i see things & think, "i can get that cheaper at WM, so i'll just wait."  

picked up sushi for dinner & it was quite good!  also had some hummus - roasted red pepper, yummy!

caught up on OLTL & GH & watched some cute 4 minute vignettes (i think that's what they're called) showing two random ppl from GH/OLTL or AMC/OLTL meeting.  my favorite was caleb from OLTL meets sam from GH - because back in the day they were caleb & livvie on port charles, and in this short they are stuck in an elevator, which has a poster on it for a show called calbe & livvie... LOL  and they keep looking at each other like they are familiar... i just love little winks & nods to things like that!!  i always want sam to randomly say something about vampires when i watch GH... 

anywhoo!  i think i pinched a nerve in my shoulder.  :(  it hurts & i have a headache, but not a bad one just a random poke every now & then when i move a certain way.  and it's not even a way that i realize i'm moving and therefor can avoid.  boo!  

we're supposed to get some snow tonight & tomorrow, and everyone's freaking out or excited all over FB.  i am hoping that we get a light dusting.  even an inch would be okay.  i would like to avoid 1/2 a foot of snow if possible... i've been enjoying the NICE winter weather!  

i have so got to sleep!  have a great night/day!!!  : )  


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