"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

*yawn* time to sleep!

but first, a list about my day!  : )  

- up on time but not on time enough to wash my hair.  d'oh!

- busy work day.  good day, but got in at 7:30 & didn't leave til 6!!  

- chick fil a for dinner.  w/o the bun.  mmmm!  

- discarded the bun so i could have those carbs/calories in my bedtime snack of cereal & milk.  : ) 

- gotta get back on the losing weight instead of gaining it wagon.  LOL 

- got to chat w/ sarahbug for awhile tonight, as well as debibob & joyums.  we are planning a reunion of sorts in march.  i am excited!  and i really hope that joy can make it.  : ) 

- during our chats, i got some exciting news as well.  happy happy!  

- i really miss sarah, debi & joy.  i miss being WITH them.  so thankful for the blessings of friends!!  hanging out two weeks ago w/ april (has it already been 2 weeks ago?!) and the other night w/ juli, having dinner plans w/ dawn & anna & maybe jeff later this week, weekly TV watching w/ trish (and al!), talking to shannan & michelle about dinner plans, having dinner plans w/ gette & stacy friday... (goodness, i look like a social butterfly or something from that list.  LOL) i like having the opportunity to HANG OUT w/ my friends!!  : )  

- i'm very grateful as well for the blessing of family.  i sent aunt judy an elvis & nixon post card that i picked up from the national archives, and she called to thank me tonight.  we chatted about her past as a "nixon girl" and her upcoming trip to hawaii.  (jealous!  LOL)  jen & mom texted tonight to see if i wanted to watch leyton friday night.  i would love to, but have plans!  i'll get to see him saturday, tho.  another basketball game & hanging out.  woot!!  

- and now i'm off to bed, sleep beckons for sure!!  take care & ttfn!!  : )  

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