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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

the best laid plans go awry

the plan - sleep til 10, run to WM for groceries, head to mom's to exchange cars, get to work at noon.
reality - up at 8 to switch the laundry, check my phone on a whim, have a text from bret asking for a ride to work at 10:45.  stay up, switch the laundry, make the bed, get dressed, read for 1/2 an hour, call in my Rx for pick up, leave the house at 9:30.  pick up bret, bring him to the java house, head to mom's to switch cars, get to work at 11:30.

the plan - work noon to five, pick up bret & take him home.
reality - glasses break right when i get to work.  try to work for 1/2 an hour while missing an earpiece, start to get a headache, call insurance to make sure my eye wear benefit is still available, head to lenscrafters (cuz they have glasses in an hour).

the plan - find frames that are $130 or less because that's what insurance will cover, order glasses, run to the food court for lunch & pick up glasses in an hour.  all while wearing my sunglasses in the mall.
reality - find frames for $129.95, start to order glasses, find out that lenscrafters doesn't take my insurance & the glasses would be $500+, which i could submit to insurance & get a PORTION of back.  erm.. no, thank you.  but they did put a temporary fix on my frames for free, so that was nice!  : ) 

the plan - head to ESA because they DO accept my insurance & i was already out & about, find frames, order glasses.  
reality - all their frames are in the $200/$300 range, with the cheapest pair i found being $195 (or $164, but i didn't like those frames).  i was in there for about 15 minutes & then left.  (later, i found out my friend stacey works there & had spotted me but i left before she could get away to say hi!  d'oh!  thankfully we'll be hanging out next week, so it's all good!  heh.)

the plan - get back to work & get my claims separated & maybe audited for payroll cutoff tomorrow.
reality - nada.  i did get thru my email, tho!  if i hadn't had to pick bret up, i would have stayed later than 5.  hopefully a couple ppl will be able to help me out first thing tomorrow so i won't have to stay til 8!  

the plan - mom was to take my car to the repair shop & i was to have it back tonight.
reality - mom took chloe to the shop, but we had to bring her back tonight to be worked on tomorrow.  oh, and jen's car was repo'd for non-payment, so phil is letting her borrow his car, and then he's using mom's car to go to work & will pick me up & take me to work tomorrow when he gets off.  idk who is picking me up, as idk when i'll be off!  

WHEW!  a whole day upended like that is exhausting!  and it didn't end there!  when i got home... 

the plan - have dinner, upload christmas & trip pictures & put together a couple blogs, including setting up a couple menu posts, watch some hulu, read a little before bed.
reality - well, i had dinner, but it was just a pumpkin spice chai latte (which i got from the coffee shop when i picked bret up) & chips & dip because it was too late to order in & i didn't get to WM for groceries!  uploaded the pictures, but didn't go thru them because i was trying to catch up on reading all my bloggy peeps that i missed while we were gone!  : )  the putting together of blogs for me will have to wait til this weekend, i imagine.  i don't think i have anything planned for saturday... LOL  altho leyton might be at mom's, so ... : )  i miss my little guy!!!  and i don't think i'll read any.  i am TIRED & phil will be here to pick me up at 7 & *groan*  i'm already tired thinking of getting up at 6!  *laugh*  

so, there ya go.  my day in a nutshell long, involved story format.  ; )  

what'd you do today?


(random trip photos just because)

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