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Saturday, 14 January 2012

a joyful noise

a blessed day!  got the remainder of my christmas packages mailed - and a whole 2 weeks before my average!!  LOL  hopefully they will all get to their destinations safely & soon & everyone will like them a lot (they really aren't much - this year was kinda lean!).  : )  

leyton's basketball game went really well.  he got a lot of plays in!!  : )  

after the game, mom & i went to see A Joyful Noise.  very sweet movie, and i would actually call it a musical, because let me tell you, there are a lot of full-length performances!  while there, we saw some friends of ours from way back in the day of the church i grew up in, and my cousin dawn!  they were all out together to see the movie & hang out afterward.  it was very nice to see them!!!

next, mom & i went to sam's.  she needed bottled water & a few other things.  i restocked my yogurt & had a couple really great samples - and one awful one for a protein shake.  ohhh, that tasted like crayons.  :|  blech!  but then i tasted a mango juice & it was nummy!  and a turtle cheesecake.  mmmm!  then there was a whole scheduling thing & mom was in an annoying mood, but she finally got over it, which was good.  we managed to make it thru WM - where i saw an ex-coworker & got to say hi for a sec.  he's good ppl & i miss him - he just turned 65 & that's how old daddy would have been & ... yeah.  he's just a good guy.  i wish he was still part of our group!!

after WM, we picked leyton back up & went to las margaritas for dinner.  tasty, but i have to remember not to get the #20 next time.  i'm not going to say it was TOO MUCH cheese, because even hinting that such a thing is possible is just wrong.  however, perhaps i do not need to eat that much cheese in one sitting.  : )  it was good, tho!!

we went back to mom's to watch phineas & ferb & play & take a bath & hang out.  leyton deigned to have some aunt carrie snuggle time, which was sweet!  : )  

and now i tried to watch an episode of psych - i gotta catch up! - but i'm too tired to keep my eyes open for much longer, so i am off to bed!  

have a great night & ttfn!  : )  

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