"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Thursday, 26 January 2012


7:15 - 5:30
yogurt & a granola bar.  and 1/2 a serving of donuts.
ham & cheese on an english muffin w/ hummus, carrots, fritos & cottage cheese.  i love hummus, who knew?!
pork roast, broccoli, brown rice.  mmmmm!  
bowl of cereal.

i think there was another granola bar in there somewhere, and i know there were some apple slices.

so blessed!  hung out at trish's for dinner & big bang theory, Rob!, and a movie which turned out to be The Covenant.  thanks for dinner & hanging out, trish!!  : )  

read blogs, computer needed a night off from hulu, so just the quiet house.  wrote a letter.  

thank God tomorrow is friday!  hoping mom gets off in time to go see One For The Money.  loved the books, hope the movie's good... katherine heigel & dude whose name i forgot are adorable, so i'm sure i'll like it!

must sleep!  say it w/ me folks - another BUSY day tomorrow!



  1. Hope your Friday was good. Mine was. :)

    1. thanks, it was pretty blessed! glad to hear yours was, too!! : )